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Step Away From the Scale

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I know better than to use the scale as a guide. Truly, I do. I mean, I’ve talked about it through my fluctuating-weight-and-health years in:

Most of the time, I practice what I preach. I measure my health in classes taught and taken, and in how many times I can throw my adorable daughter in the air, and in handstands and other crazy yogi poses conquered.

OMG OMG SQUEEEE @theyogimovement my chin stand needs so much work but thanks to your encouragement, I gave it a shot today and I'm so proud of myself for pushing through the fear! #namaste #yogaeverydamnday #yoga

Hell, I don’t even keep a scale out in the open — not only do I not want it to tempt me, but I don’t EVER want Audrey to look at it as a measurement of her worth.

But a few weeks ago, I fell into the trap. While cleaning out a hallway closet, I found the scale and thought…

What could be the harm? I mean, I feel great — stronger and more fit than ever before — and my clothes are fitting me comfortably, so the number will just reflect how much progress I’ve made!

So, I stepped on. And as the number flashed on screen, I found myself in the old pit. The one where, despite having logged eight half marathons, a handful of triathlons, weekly fitness classes (teaching and taking), crazy yoga inversions and, oh yeah, creating a human, I find myself thinking about everything I’m not.

Not strong enough. Not fast enough. Not skinny enough. Not _____ enough.

It took me days to shake off the self-loathing (although that’s an improvement — in the past, it might have taken me weeks) and I’m back to feeling really, really great about who I am, what I’ve done and where I’m headed.

But I thought you should know. It never ends. So keep fighting, like me, and join me in STEPPING AWAY FROM THE SCALE.


I have an awesome promo code and giveaway for you! PRO Compression sent me a pair of their marathon compression sleeves in Orange Boom to test out (despite the fact that I never have and never will run a marathon). {{{DISCLOSURE: THIS IS A COMPENSATED PROJECT, ALTHOUGH THE REVIEW BELOW IS 100% MY OWN!}}}


These sleeves and socks are made with graduated compression technology, which helps circulate your blood back to your heart and lungs. That can lead to less fatigue and can really help ease your tired muscles because they’re getting fresh oxygen and nutrients. I wore my sleeves after a crazy long day of yoga (and said “ommmmmmm”) and for a day-long walk around Disney World. I don’t typically wear compression gear while running, because it’s so hot in Florida, but they are great for post-run recovery.

In fact, I loved them SO much that I asked PRO Compression if they’d help me pay it forward!


You can get 40% off all marathon socks and sleeves when you use the promo code BLG14 AND one lucky reader will get a free pair! U.S. addresses only, folks, and only entries made in the widget below will be considered for the random drawing. The giveaway closes at midnight on November 26, 2014.

PRO Compression Giveaway

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