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10 Secrets Only Bloggers Know About Blogging

A quick plug — in case you just can’t get enough of me. I have the great pleasure of speaking with Laura Dos Santos of She Oms on the Courageous Branding summit. It kicks off August 10th — click here & sign up to get my interview (and hear some other amazing, courageous women, share their thoughts on building brands, social media and much more).


Last fall, I had the immense pleasure of giving my second-ever Pecha Kucha presentation. (Weird phrase; fun concept — essentially, you build 20 image-based slides that auto-advance every 20 seconds.) I did it at the Florida Blogging and Social Media Conference and chose the topic:

10 Secrets Only Bloggers Really Know About Blogging

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014

It was really fun to share some of the silly and serious things that come along with sharing your life online. And I thought you guys might appreciate some of the slides!

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.002

1. We Speak a Special Language

I mean, where else can you weave these words into casual conversation and have people understand you?

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.003

2. We Take Pictures of Everything We See and Do Because We Never Know When We’ll Need Them

Admit it. You have a camera roll that likely includes at least three of the following: a picture of a plate of food, a picture of someone’s feet, a picture of a random street sign, a selfie and a picture of a beautiful flower.

3. Our Moods Rise and Fall in Proportion to Our Comments/Shares/Likes/Pins/Follows

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.005

Sad, but true. I don’t check my feeds when I first wake up because I need that first hit of coffee as a buffer.

4. We Will Spend Big Bucks on Fancy Cameras and Computer Software but Nine Times Out of Ten, We’ll Use Our Smartphones and Instagram Filters to Take and Share Pictures.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.007

Right? My poor DSLR only gets dusted off when it’s a really big project or I want to be super fancy.

5. Buying Domain Names Can Be Addicting.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.009

I own so, so many. It’s insanity. Every year, I let about ten “brilliant” domains expire because they weren’t so brilliant to begin with OR I just never knew what to do with them. Ahem, and

6. Nothing Trumps Kittens, Puppies or a Good Giveaway.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.011

I can spend hours on an SEO tutorial, or a series on media kits. A post with a funny dog picture or video will always get more shares.

7. Some of Our Best Friends are People We Have Never Met and May Never Meet.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.013

Lucas is always asking me — “is this someone you know, or someone you blog know?” when I talk about a friend. And mostly, it’s the latter. I love you guys.

8. We Can’t Seem to Find Time to Cook, Clean or Read a Book but We Will Spend Hours Trying to Find Out What a Favicon is and How to Get One.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.015

One google search can lead to a serious time wormhole.

9. No Matter How Big Our Audience is, There are Days When Each of Us Wants to Shut the Site Down and Forget We Ever Started the Darn Thing.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.016

Truth. Hopefully, the good outweighs the bad but let’s not fake it…sometimes blogging is disheartening and hard and frustrating.

10. It is One of the Most Rewarding Things We Do, and We’re All Incredibly Blessed to be Able to Have a Place to Share Our Thoughts, Dreams and Passions With the World.

10 Secrets Pecha Kucha BlogCon 2014.018

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to not only have the right to run this blog, but that so many of you are interested in me, and my crazy life. It’s an awesome privilege.


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