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How to Automate Your Biggest Blogging Tasks WITHOUT Becoming a Robot

I just got back from four amazing days in Denver, Colorado, where I got to spend time with my favorite Fitbloggin’ people and make a presentation titled “Attract More Readers, Make More
Money and Get More Done…All While You’re Sleeping.”

Appropriate, since I did a lot of sleeping, as documented by my husband.

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

(I woke up to this image on my iPhone wallpaper. Sneaky.)

Between the travel, the time change, being 21 weeks pregnant (and a little nervous about what the higher altitude might do to my body), I definitely indulged in the amazing hotel bed’s comfort. Having said that, I did get going enough to have an amazing adventure with my family and friends and am already making plans to make it back to the Mile High City when I can hike, drink craft beers and enjoy the city properly!

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

I did, however, get to drink some great coffee:

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Learn a lot about California avocados and talk with — briefly — our chef for the day, Jen Jasinski of Euclid Hall, Rioja and Top Chef Masters:

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Go to the Colorado Springs zoo (and Audrey, lucky girl, got to also go to the Denver Zoo with her Daddy while I was in session):

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Eat the pregnancy-cliche meal of pickles and ice cream:

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Celebrate the SCOTUS decision at the Denver VooDoo Doughnuts location:

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Visit Coors Field:

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Appreciate the celebration of legal marijuana (get your head out of the gutters — I had an awesome sandwich at the Cheba Hut!):

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

Learn how much my kid LOVES trampolines:

Fitbloggin Denver 2015

And get my butt kicked at Glider Yoga:

A new-to-me workout: glider yoga with @jamie_fitapproach! #fitbloggin

My favorite thing about Fitbloggin’ is that it’s so inclusive. There are no cliques, no judgement, lots of emotional breakthroughs and tears, etc. Some of you may know that I really identify the first Fitbloggin’ as a turning point in my own blogging journey. It led me to launch the wildly successful (though now-defunct) #FitBlog chat, which led me to become a more active leader in our blogging community, which led me to become a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a blog consultant and frequent speaker at conferences all over America. I have so much love for this conference and this group.

This year, I was proud to present my favorite tools, tips and techniques for becoming a more efficient blogger — essentially, automating as many non-personal tasks as possible, to make more time and emotional space for writing great content, developing relationships and opportunities, etc. While the in-person presentation (hopefully) went into more detail than the slides alone show, I wanted to share them with you all here. Just click the graphic below to download my slides.

How to Automate Your Biggest Blogging Tasks WITHOUT Becoming a Robot.

And finally — a MAJOR shoutout to my awesome conference sponsor,

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.19.26 AM

Some of you may know that I write for this website frequently, but you may not know how many great resources it offers bloggers of all sizes and niches:

  • each post has an awesome graphic (or graphics) that not only illustrates the writing, it’s embeddable! so if you’re a blogger doing a roundup of beach workouts, for example, you can embed the graphic from my article to share great content with your readers.
  • because all of the authors are experienced experts in their fields, and there’s a full editorial process before anything is published, you know that the information is really good.
  • is always looking for great authors to add to the team — and I get to help make that happen! If you are interested (this is a paid gig, hollaaaaaaaa), you can go to this application and let me know what you’re most interested in, and then I’ll pass on all of the entries to my friends at Fix.

Thanks as always for the love and support — maybe I’ll see you at Fitbloggin’ 2016?

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