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Facebook Tip: Link Your Blog Posts to Your Fan Page

You guys already know that I love the Yoast WordPress plugin for SEO, right?

If not, go read “The WordPress Tool That Makes You an SEO Expert,” but come back because it does so much more.

In addition to giving you fun little fields to fill out on each post, did you realize that it can help you link your blog posts to your Facebook page when they’re shared?

Here’s how it works (and I’m using our Growing Bolder page as an example because I don’t have a fan page for my own site).

FB Authorship

  1. Install Yoast. (duh)
  2. Follow the instructions on this Blogger 2 Business post and change your Facebook profile link to your page, not your personal profile.
  3. Publish a post on your website or blog.
  4. Share it on Facebook and voila! The little author link in the Facebook meta data will no longer point people toward your personal page, but to your fan page. Easy peasy.

Here it is in action — see the “By Growing Bolder” link below the featured image*? That’s our Facebook page, and you can see that by changing the profile URL, it now takes people to our page, which is a crucial marketing platform for us.

*It looks like the full embed is not loading for everyone — sorry! It’s a Facebook problem but the advice is still good. To see the full post, with image and author link, you can click on the linked post dates below and you’ll go to Facebook itself.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort founder Dave McCoy is about to celebrate the centenarian mark but isn't slowing down! See…

Posted by Growing Bolder on Friday, August 21, 2015

Because I don’t have a personal fan page for (and never will — see ), the posts I publish and share from my own site still link to my personal profile, but that’s OK with me because people can subscribe there, and because I make most of my posts public anyway.

(#AD) Get Up, Stand Up

Posted by Katy Widrick on Friday, August 21, 2015

Alternatively, you can leave the profile URL blank and Facebook won’t pull any author byline or link — also OK if you just don’t want to worry about Facebook marketing at all.

But for those of you who use Facebook pages, this small tweak can make a big difference!

Fresh and New

Desk Promo Code

Get Up, Stand Up

In the spirit of trying to do what I can when I can, I wanted to share my experience with InMovement’s Elevate Desktop. Especially because I’m now working from home full-time, it’s really easy for me to fall into some bad habits. So will this help me break them?

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