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Missing the Run

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m speaking at several events this summer and fall, and I’d love to see you there (Fitbloggin’, IDEA World BlogFest, BlogBrulee (already closed), FLBlogCon) and volunteering at the awesome Social Fresh conference in Tampa. And for BlogFest, I’m going to make it even easier for three lucky readers.

I am giving away THREE BlogFest registrations — good for the two days of BlogFest and two days of IDEA World) — and to enter, just follow the prompts in the widget below. BlogFest runs from July 16-19 in Los Angeles, California and is a blast. Here’s my recap from last year if you need proof.

The important stuff: the giveaway is for the registration only and does not include travel, lodging, etc. You’ll need to get yourself to L.A. But once you’re there, I promise it will be a ton of fun. The giveaway closes on Thursday, June 4 at midnight ET.

BlogFest Conference Registration Giveaway (Three!)


I’m currently on a running break. My second long one since I started running back in 2007 (maybe my third if you count my foot injury). And it’s glorious.

Both extended breaks have fallen in line with pregnancies. Neither caused me to quit lacing up my sneakers  — while you of course need to work with your own provider to determine what’s safe for you, physically I feel able to run well into my pregnancies — but they certainly played a role in the decision.

Getting harder to see those toes...

It’s hot as heck here in Florida, and running in 90-degree temperatures while carrying a person does not seem appealing. The extra weight at the front of my body feels awkward and heavy and kind of jostles around in a bizarre, off-putting way. And frankly, both hiatuses came after a high-volume running year.

While it’s nowhere near what others do, 2014 was a busy race season for me. Multiple half marathons, 10Ks, back-to-back race days, group runs, runs out of state…It was a blast and I know that I pushed myself to my physical limits, PRing at every distance and making myself feel especially proud for what I could do after giving birth.

But mentally, it took its toll and after my last race last fall, I turned my attention to getting pregnant and running became more of a “when I feel like it” thing instead of a training must, and frankly…I didn’t much feel like it.

Now that I am pregnant, focus continues to be a focus for me. I’m at the gym a lot, I’m taking on some new group exercising teaching opportunities in the St. Pete/Tampa area, I’m walking Audrey to school every day and practicing yoga as much as I can.

It's always nice to have a yoga partner who will assist you with your form ("NO MOMMY DO IT LIKE ME, OPEN YOU KNEES!") and help deepen your hip opener with some gentle (ahem) adjustments.

But today for the first time…I felt the pang. That moment of waking up and desperately wanting a run. I wanted to clear my mind and loosen my muscles and watch the sun rise and be alone and pound the pavement and RUN.

It’s probably a result of my recent podcast history — I listen to a LOT of audiobooks and podcasts on the walk to school and while working from home, and this week I’ve been catching up on Another Mother Runner — and my blog friends (Michelle wrote a great post on getting your running mojo back and it got my feet itching to wear sneakers). It’s hard not to want to join in on the adrenaline rush that they all talk about, and it’s easy to forget how hard it is to put in the time that eventually makes running and racing fun.

For now, my miles will be logged with walks on the treadmill and to school, and my calories will be burned in group fitness classes and at the gym. But running, I’m coming for you. Watch out, 2016.

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