Fit Move Friday: Single Leg Lift With Alternating Window Washers

Window Washers

This is a fun, body weight-only exercise that you can do in just two minutes, while watching TV, waiting for dinner to cook, or right before bed (and while there are modifications, you’ll see that it’s pretty tough — I’m out of breath after just three minutes of demonstration!).

My Heart is in Boston

RW Half Codes 2

It’s bizarre to me that last year at almost this exact time, I was pouring my heart out in a post called “The Day I Most Miss Being in Boston.” It was a love letter to my hometown, and since I was feeling particularly homesick, I really wished I could have teleported myself to the Boston Marathon starting line, to recreate the memories I’d had as a child. I’d like that teleporter again in 2014.

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What the Heck is PiYo Strength?


I’m a newly certified PiYo Strength instructor — and I’m in love with the format. It’s strength building — lunges, push-ups, burpees — combined with postures from yoga and pilates — the warrior series, sun salutations — set to Top 40 music. It’s not like any other yoga class you’ve ever taken, but you will build flexibility, balance and sweat a heck of a lot.

Things I’m Loving: Part 2


From Disney to new shoes and fabulous FREE race photos, there are a lot of things making me happy right now. Here are a few that make the list.

How I Got My 5K and 1/2 Marathon PRs

Faster Runner

I have five tips that you can use to help become a faster, stronger and more fit runner — they helped me PR at the 5K and half marathon distances in less than six months.

Hitched at the Ironman Finish Line


Melissa Moo Harkins had a long and winding road to becoming a business owner — but hey, she’s a triathlete so she knows that it’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey.

Design Your Media Kit Using Microsoft Word

pinable how to create a media kit in MW

I am so, SO excited to share this guest post with you today. It comes from my friend Kayla, who first came to me as a blog consulting client…but has quickly become one of my biggest inspirations. One of the tasks I gave her was to create a media kit, and I shared some of [...]