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I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

At the beginning of every fitness class I teach, I give a little pep talk. A reminder to my students that no matter where they are on their fitness journey, and no matter what else is happening in their worlds, they are stronger than they think.

The light within me honors the light within you...

I ask them to stay focused. To take it one push-up at a time, and to not worry about the seven to follow; to hold the difficult poses just one more second longer than they think they can.

And in one recent class, I shared with the students that my word for 2015 is INTENTION. I confessed that with the million projects I have going at once, it’s easy to let the frenetic pace rob me of the joy I would otherwise feel in the moment. I’m battling that, one day at a time.

I hoped it would resonate with them, and I knew that saying it out loud would help me commit to the idea. But I had no idea that it would touch one student so deeply that she’d give me this incredible gift:

So incredibly touched by this special gift one of my #PiYoStrength students gave me today. I've been asking everyone to have a mantra or phrase that they come back to when the workout gets hard. I mentioned that for me, I wanted to focus on being in the m

So, my reminder to you is to BE HERE NOW. Live with intention. Wish you could spend more time with the kids? On your fitness? At work? Reading books? With your friends? Make the time if you can. And if you can’t, be present for those short stretches, whenever they come. Time flies. So soar!

And speaking of being everywhere, I’ve been getting around! When I’m not launching new fitness classes or dealing with the terrible-but-terrific-twos, I’m working like WHOA, taking on new consulting clients (SO much fun) and doing some freelance/fun stuff:

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