10 Reasons I Subscribe to Your Blogs

Our first meeting!

Meghann had perfect timing when she shared this picture on our Focus Rally Facebook page this week, because two of the very first blogs I subscribed to were The Inner Workings of a College Graduate (now MealsandMiles.com) and See Bride Run (now HealthyTippingPoint.com). And of course, at the time, I was SillyTaterTot.com!

I subscribed to them before I really realized that we lived in the same city — instead, following them because they were among the first I knew of to be healthy lifecasters.

Fitbloggin' Bloggers

At the time, that was exactly what I needed — a blueprint for balancing health, fitness and fun.

That was in late 2008, and while my life has changed pretty dramatically in two years, my subscription to their blogs has remained. And my friendships with both ladies has become critically important for my sanity.

(And, of course, my Google Reader is now up to more than 400 subscriptions.)

Last week, I gave you 5 Reasons Why I Unsubscribe From Your Blogs. Now, a much happier topic.

10 Reasons I Subscribe to Your Blogs

1. I know you

If we know each other in real life — whether from school, blogger meetups or conferences, I’ve put a face to the name and I’m invested in your work. This is another great reason to network whenever you are in a crowd because you never know who you’ll meet or how they could affect your blogging future!

2. I like you

If we haven’t met in person but we’ve connected over the Internet (maybe you RT’d me or sent me an email) I’m likely to subscribe to your blog. If you take the time out to engage me, I’m interested in learning more.

3. I’m like you

If you’re a triathlete, a vegetarian, a dog lover, a TV producer, a Syracuse graduate or just love the color purple, we have something in common and that makes me interested. Even if your blog doesn’t focus on our commonality, I tend to relate to your life and that makes me want to stay up -to-date.

4. I want to be like you

The opposite of #3 — so, if you’re a great cook, have fabulous style, can paint or decorate and/or have gorgeous kids, I aspire to be like you. I read your blogs to try and pick up tips on how to improve myself.

5. You make it easy

This one seems simple, but it’s probably the main reason I do subscribe to some of your blogs. You have a big fat RSS icon or “Subscribe” link at the top of your website, on individual posts or other calls to action. I’m a sucker. If I have to force an RSS feed or spend a lot of time hunting for the icon, I probably won’t do it.

6. You make me think

I subscribe to several bloggers who I disagree with or who have a higher level of education on certain topics than I do (say, SEO or strength training). I read those blogs because I want to be challenged and I love hearing the other sides to my beliefs.

7. You’re funny/quirky

In between the SEO, public media and health and fitness blogs, a girl’s gotta get a break. So if you make me laugh or you’re just so bizarre that it breaks up the monotony, you have a place in my daily life.

8. For business

For my job, it’s really important that I stay on top of news, technology updates, controversy and more — so I subscribe to several blogs or websites that are in my career track. It’s really (really really really) helped me get ahead at work and it just so happens that I’ve learned I really love it!

9. For family

Blogging is the best thing that has happened to my long-distance relationships with family (along with Facebook) because I’m able to see what everyone is doing (and, ahem, who they’re doing it with).

10. The photos

I love looking at beautifully composed photographs, whether featuring food, people, events or random items. There’s something so uplifting about beautiful pictures, and I’m a sucker. It goes back to #7. Sometimes, you just need a brain break.

And again…I subscribe to more than 400 websites, so having a folder/tag system in Google Reader (my preferred RSS device) is key. I’ve listed 34 blogs here. That means more than 350 other blogs have compelled me in some way. I add to the list every day — and I *always* check out the blogs of people who leave me comments!

So, now how about a not-so-subtle reminder than you can subscribe to this blog by RSS or email? The links are right at the top of the website.

And I’d love to hear why you subscribe to blogs! Leave me a comment below…

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  1. says

    Great post! I can definitely connect with a lot of these ideas. I too like to follow people I can relate to and people who I basically want to be. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from the blogs I read.

    As far as it being easy to subscribe, I definitely wouldn’t survive without having the Google Reader “subscribe” and “next” buttons on my toolbar. I don’t like to have to hunt for an RSS feed button either, and I love to be able to flip through new posts using the “next” button so I’m not in Reader at all (or constantly clicking out of Reader to look at the actual blog). Definitely makes it (too) easy for me to indulge my obsessive blog reading habits!

  2. says

    A lot of your reasons are similar to mine. I love subscribing to blogs that touches my heart and soul. I am a sucker for all things “emotional”. I also love blogs with a personal story and a sense of humor (yours as well Katy 😉

  3. says

    I actually tend to subcribe to blogs after I’ve visited a couple of times and start to get hooked. I love when people post links to their posts on twitter, because I find that I follow people who I’ve been in conversation with on twitter (especially after chats) and get to know people and their blogs that way.

  4. says

    i follow for a lot of the same reasons:
    am like the authors, want to BE like the authors, find their writings funny. i also follow some from England to get different perspectives on a variety of topics, although most of them are either running or food related.
    i thouroughly enjoy the online community that i belong to, so i guess that i follow some blogs because they give me a sense of belonging to something that i can’t get in my ‘real’ life.

  5. says

    You really got me thinking about why I subscribe to the blogs I do. I have categorized them and some are easy to identify (they share my field – psychology/disordered eating/etc.) but for others the reasons are much more complex. Perhaps it’s the photos or quirky voice of the author. I’m going to give this some more thought because it’s worth exploring for my own interest and to make my own site better.

    • says

      Made ya think, huh? Goes right back to #6!

      In all seriousness, thank you…When I do posts like this, I always wonder if they come off too preachy. I hope they serve as tools!

  6. says

    What a great post – I liked your previous related post, as well. I subscribe for a lot of the same reasons you do – although I don’t have nearly so many! I’m definitely going to check out a few of the blogs you listed here that I’m not already following. Maybe someday you’ll follow me! (A new personal goal!) 😉

  7. says

    This is a great list. The only one that jumps out at me that I consider myself when subscribing… “You support me.” There are several bloggers who have been tremendous in their support with comments on my blog or emails. I am a big believer in sharing the love out here and the sense of community and this is just one more piece for me.

    And what a coincidence that I was just searching for a new plug in for subscription and social media buttons:)

  8. says

    Now you have me thinking about the commonalities and why I add people to my Reader! I agree with you on a few counts: beautiful pictures, things I aspire to, etc. But more often than not, it is the ones that regularly make me smile, giggle, laugh, that are my favorite and what keep me coming back for more.

  9. says

    I have many different folders in my reader, but the ones I read first are the runners / fitbloggers. So I guess “I’m like you” blogs resonate the most to me. Well, that and the “I want to be like you” blogs … so many of inspirational people out there!

    Thanks for the link love :)
    (But if you subscribe to that URL, it hasn’t been updated in months! I moved!)

    • says

      Well dangit! Running to fix it now. I guess I’ve been clicking on links from your Twitter stream because I’ve been reading your blog and didn’t realize it wasn’t in my reader!

  10. says

    Great advice! I’m just starting on this blogging adventure and will definitely keep what you said in mind. I’ve been reading healthy living blogs religiously for the past year but without commenting or participating, I felt like a psuedo stalker. Many of the 34 blogs you listed above are also in my google reader.


  11. says

    I always learn so much from your blog! Great input. I love reading a range of blogs, from healthy living to fitness to baking (not the healthy kind!) to sewing to fashion (I’m so not a fashionista!), and more. I usually follow the ones that share my interests and goals, make me laugh, make me hungry :), motivate me, teach me or have gorgeous photos. The main criteria though is that they are “real.”
    This is a great reminder for me to make my RSS button much more prominent! Thanks :)

  12. says

    I am SO HAPPY with my reader, and it is growing every day.

    I was Old School until one month ago. I had bookmarks of all the blogs I (tried) to rad daily. I found the process of “moving” into a reader overwhelming. I finally did it – seriously a MONTH ago… and I could not be happier. I am back to reading MANY blogs that I had “forgotten” about. My system was the overwhelming thing. :)

    It is fresh in my mind the HOW and WHY you get into my reader – many of the same reasons you list here. (as well as many you listed the other day…) 😀

  13. says

    I wanna say I found this post b/c Caitlin (HTP) re-tweeted it and I’m glad she did! Most of your reason are the same as mine :-) I will be back! And if your interested I will be publishing a post tonight that involes cooking a PURPLE POTATO in Culinary school 😉

  14. says

    Thanks for this post! I feel the same way as you– lots of the blogs I subscribe to are inspirational to me, or I can relate to the blogger in some way. And some are educational! (like yours!) 😉

    I really need to make more of an effort to follow blogs related to my career, too! (rather than getting sucked into numerous health & foodie blogs like I normally do…)

    You’ve made a subscriber out of me. 😀

  15. says

    Great list! I’m definitely a reader/subscriber for a few reasons – one of which was completely enhanced by Healthy Living Summit this year…i.e “I Know You” . It made a great difference to put a face/personality to a blog, especially when you already felt like you “knew” that person :) Other reasons – Great Recipes, Training Inspiration, Great Writers/Entertaining Posts, Health News & “Make me Think”!

  16. says

    This has me thinking about why I subscribe to blogs. Often it is because I’ve been willing to type in their address several times.

    But I love references to other blogs so I’m off to check the ones you listed tonight :-)

  17. says

    haha. Are you following me because my favorite color is purple, I’m a triathlete, or we both have suffered bloody ankles due to our fur babies? 😉

    I follow you because you are so upbeat and I learn something new every single time I come to your site. Plus, I LOVED your purple outfit at Fitbloggin last year!!

  18. says

    Great breakdown. Mine is pretty similar. I also subscribe to blogs that are local for me. Local means Portland, Oregon or Seattle.

    How do you organize your blogs? I’m thinking of redoing my categories.

    • says


      I have about 20 folders:

      Real Life Friends
      Public Media

      and more. When I subscribe, I use the drop-down menu to add them to a folder (you can also do it by managing your subscriptions). You can also use tags but I don’t find those as helpful.

  19. says

    I subscribe because I feel a personal connection to the person. Whether it be from pictures, their humor, their stories, whatever, I need a connection. Otherwise I’m not interested and bored.
    Love this post – great topic!!

  20. says

    I have not subscribed to any blogs..I just have them in my favorites and read them every day and why you ask? inspiration….I am trying to be healthier while living my crazy life..keeping up with kids, work, and school it helps to see what others are doing to get things done…:)

  21. says

    I really appreciate this blog series. And love that we follow similar healthy living blogs, hyperbole & a half AND seth godin! :) I feel like I’ve had a blog one way or another since I was in high school (23 now) and over the past couple years they’ve been abandoned quickly, because they’re niche blogs. Now I’m trying to do what I guess you call a lifecaster (?) blog, which helps motivate me to blog. I can quit loving tea and writing tea reviews, but I can’t quit life! Hope to meet you at the Central Florida Bloggers Conference?

  22. says

    Love when bloggers write about blogging tips! This is a really interesting post, I definitely agree with you about a lot of things. I love when blogs inspire me or just give me a break from work and a source of entertainment. Thanks!

  23. says

    This article is a year old and still is relevant. That’s the sign of a great blogger! I’m still working on “comedic writing” and I definitely need more photos so this is great advice on where to begin. I hope to be a top notch blogger by this time 2012. This is good advice that I’m sure most other bloggers would agree with you on.

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