The Perfect Setup

At this point, I think y’all know who wears the beer-drinking pants in the family (Lucas) and who wears the kombucha skirt (me). But we’ve just discovered a bar that fits both our needs.

Only problem? It’s three hours away.

But, since he’s a man that attends triathlons at 4am, indulges my vegetarian cooking, does my dishes and cares for my doggies, I knew that making the trip would go a long way. So, we headed off to Dunedin Brewery and its 14th anniversary party.

Dunedin Brewery Trip 17

Dunedin Brewery Trip 16

Beer zone indeed. As the driver, I thought it might turn out to be a pretty boring trip, full of iced tea and longing glances at the beers…

Dunedin Brewery Trip 27

Dunedin Brewery Trip 19

But this brewery had a few special things going for it. First of all — the party. It was hoppin’, y’all! People came from far and wide to taste the dozens of beers Dunedin had on tap, including some new ones that were kegged and tapped just for the anniversary.

So, there was lots of people watching, picture taking and conversations to be had.

Dunedin Brewery Trip 03

Second — some kind of genius set up a room off to the side for people who wanted to do less partying and more chilling. Enter: me. With books, magazines, tables and even comfy chairs at the ready, I quickly found myself a place to sit and relax for an hour or so.


Dunedin Brewery Trip 24

So, if you’re in the Florida area and want to take a trip to a cool bar with great beer, I’d hit up Dunedin.

BTW — it’s a family-owned/run place and the Michael (father)/Michael (son) team that we met is incredibly nice and will tell you all about the homebrew hobby that turned into a booming business! You can read Luke’s recap of the day in “A Drive for Beer,” including much more about the beers themselves.

What brands inspire you with a great “story?”


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    Thanks for sharing this cool beer place. I think your man and my man would get along great ! Beer his is favorite drink and likes checking out local places :) Maybe one day we can all meet up sometime ;)

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