CSA Day: Help Me Eat My Vegetables!

***PSSSSST: Did you see my guest post for MizFit? It’s called “The Power of Positive Affirmations,” and it’s all about my Operation Affirmation project. It includes this tribute:***

This week, Lucas and I started ordering local vegetables through a CSA in Orlando called Homegrown Co-Op. There are some great fruits, vegetables, baked goods, grains and more on the list — but since it was our first time, we decided to order a medium box of mixed produce, along with two loaves of bread.

Lucas picked up the goodies on Thursday, and I asked him to record a video, documenting the goodness.

Here it is (embedded below, or at this link):

So now, we need your help. What should we do with all the veggies? I’m especially curious about those long beans.

Leave your recipe ideas in a comment below!


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    Yum!!! Those grape tomatoes are just crying out for some fresg mozzarella and basil, either drizzled with balsamic vinegar or vinaigrette OR on a homemade pizza!!!!

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    We just found a new CSA program in our town! We’re definitely going to check it out – seems like a great way to support the community AND get some great produce!

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