Say My Name II

I love when a blog post goes viral — not because of the post itself, but through the conversation in the comments. That’s what happened in my Say My Name, Say My Name post earlier this week, when I asked you to weigh in when it comes to privacy, separating your personal blog from your […]

Would You Rather…

Some great conversation happening in the comments of my Say My Name, Say My Name post — I’m working on Part II (my response) for tomorrow, so if you have some thoughts I should consider or include, head over there now! Are you concerned with your real name being public? Or do you assume that […]

Say My Name, Say My Name

I got two emails this week, asking for advice on blogging identities — and not just when it comes to niches, but names. From Raya: I am changing my blog (and, of course, my domain name) to simply be my full name dot com and I was wondering-since you’ve done the same-if you have any […]

Winter Park Road Race (Distance Dare)

(P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY BROTHER!) Can you say Dom-Dom-Dom-Dom…DOMS? Yes, I have serious Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after a blisteringly fast (for me) double distance race on Saturday (followed by 90 minutes of Dance Trance). And I couldn’t be happier. (Bad iPhone photo) I signed up for this race: because it offered a […]

Five for Friday

Do you know what a “whooty” is? {{{crickets}}} I didn’t either, until we started dancing to this song in Dance Trance. Translation: a white girl with a booty. The song gets stuck in my head — which is a problem, since I hear it almost every time I run (my iPod is set to shuffle […]

“What Made Her Different Made Her Exceptional”

Life changing, y’all. Life. Freaking. Changing. Two things you should know about me before I commence the swooning over the movie Temple Grandin: My So-Called Life was one of my favorite shows not because of, but in spite of Claire Danes I have had this movie on my Netflix queue forever because I thought it […]

I Have a HUNCH You Will Like This…

Quick — what’s your favorite way to sleep, on your back or face-down in the pillow? Would you pay 50% more for heating if you knew the resources used to power it were 100% renewable? Do you believe in the afterlife? And would you rather eat chocolate bars or fresh fruit? Those are just some […]

Facebook Fan Page Strategy II

Make sure you start with Facebook Fan Page Strategy I for Steps 1-5! When we left off, we’d covered some of the basic things you can do to find new fans for your Facebook page, as well as connect with the ones you already have. And I teased you with Steps 6-10 — and left […]

Don’t Pitch Me, Bro! Blogger Backlash

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to tell you that I spend an hour of each day reviewing (and most times, rejecting) pitches of one kind or another — both for work (Growing Bolder TV) and for the blog. In fact, I got so frustrated with badly managed, off-topic or, frankly, insulting pitches that I […]

For Granted

I’ve talked a bit about my feelings on Karma: Karma is a Wonferful Lady (I Know She’s Listening) So I’m going to assume that she’s at work right now…because suddenly, some of the things that I’ve been taking for granted are being revealed as the blessings that they are. So… I will not: Be upset […]