What’s in My Purse?

What’s in my purse?

The most random things. I didn’t think you guys would believe me if I just listed some of the crap I found while going through my purse, so I decided to take my new lens out for a test drive and bring you some proof in photos.

None of these things were planted — they are just SOME of the items that I pulled out.

Stuff in Purse006

Stuff in Purse009
Stuff in Purse013

Stuff in Purse018

Stuff in Purse024

Stuff in Purse025

My favorite? The THREE Menchie’s spoons and two long spoons (for getting the last bits out of oats in a jar, of course).

Quick — what’s the weirdest thing inside your purse or bag right now?


  1. 1


    Hahaha I love it! Especially the little spoons that look like baby spoons and The board that says NAKED! My purse usually has a crochet or knitting project. I love big purses :)

  2. 2


    Before lunch I had a whole bottle of Gluten Free soy sauce in my purse. (Gift for a friend, we were going out to sushi.)

    I’ve been known to carry around dirty tupperware containers for days.

  3. 3


    Haha! I love all the spoons and three bottles of nail polish. I guess you never know! ;)
    The weirdest things in my purse are a sample pack of BioFreeze and measuring tape.

  4. 6


    I’ve been carrying around a pair of size 3T/4T Toy Story underpants for a few weeks now. No clue how they got in there but I can only assume my son put them there “just in case.”

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      This post actually came from a conversation I had with a co-worker. I was looking for my keys and kept pulling stuff out.

      She told me that she’s pretty sure if she dipped into her bag she’d find a pair of Dora underpants. :) I don’t have kids, but I guess I’ll be replacing the makeup and Emergen-C with underwear when it’s my time.

  5. 9


    Not sure if it’s weird, but I always have Crystal Light packets in case I go out drinking. Wow. That sounded terrible. But I usually put a little Crystal light in my vodka/sodas. At least I’m always prepared to be drunk. So, there’s that.

  6. 10


    Saw you started putting your name on all your photos. Is there a quick way to do it or do you do it to each photo? And do you think people are going to take them? Just wondered why you started.

  7. 11



    Nah, I’m not worried about people stealing. If they really want my pictures of nail polish and puppies, they can have them. :)

    It’s more a function of me experimenting with the Batch Editing tool on my Photoshop Elements. Because I’m shooting on a DSLR, the pictures are huge — I want to keep the originals for printing, but I resize 10-15 pictures at a time using PE. It also has a watermark function that runs with the resize, so I’ve been playing with that.

  8. 12


    Wonderful photos! I like the tip about the watermark. Oh to have my camera again (it’s in storage).

    I have a bin liner (trash bag) in my purse now. I took an extra at the swim I did Sunday for my wetsuit (to pack it up in my suitcase) but the suit dried out in time. I kept the bag. Now I plan to use it on the plane as I need to ice my ankle.

    I love the stories our stuff tells!

  9. 13


    How ’bout 11 lip glosses in a ziploc bag!? I flew south for Memorial Day and instead of weeding out some of the gloss, I just threw them all in my baggie. You never know when you’re gonna need a little shine ;-)

  10. 15


    You never know when you’re going to need a spoon! I dont think I could top you in your weird purse belongings. I have a facemask though incase I need to do CPR for someone. which I hope I never have to do!

  11. 17


    love this.. have to say i think it’s hilarious the amount of spoons you have in your bag.. i have so much crap in my bag.. let’s see right now i have a deodorant, perfume, ziploc bag with makeup, shoes (i always have an extra pair of shoes), planner, biz cards, ipod, cough drops and so much more.. it’s insane.. once in awhile i sometimes have an extra bra

  12. 18


    Everyone teases me because I keep deodorant in my purse (and in my car, bathroom, etc)…I just don’t want to be that sweaty stinky girl!!

  13. 20


    I love the 3 bottles of nail polish! A girl can never be too prepared, right? :) As for my purse, I am replacing some carpet in my house, so I’ve been carrying around a sample piece of carpet for the last couple of weeks! My sister peered in my bag and said, “uh, why do you have a rug in your purse?” LOL

  14. 21


    My first thought was totally, OMG you’ve got the Naked palette! I’ve been trying to get hold of that one since it was launched in Europe a few months ago and no luck. They disappear like water in the desert!

    Weirdest thing at in my bag a the moment, hmm not sure, I have all my workout clothes there though so I had to have a good clean out. Mind I think I still have the instructions for a SIM card that I have lost a long time ago…

  15. 23


    Nothing unusual in my purse right now since I’m traveling n using my smaller purse. Although it’s got 2 pairs of headphones and my 2 free Starbucks drink postcards…just in case.

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