#TGFA: Fun With Numbers

I am abso-freaking-lutely blown away by The Great Fundraising Act

image credit: The Great Balancing Act

… on a personal note, I’m incredibly humbled by and thankful to the people that bid on my auction items (three social media makeovers). I hoped I’d get bids of $50 or so to help Susan. The winning bids came in at:

Which means that I helped bring in a whopping $425 for Susan from The Great Balancing Act! (She, by the way, is Gobsmacked…)

But those numbers pale in comparison to what we as a community did.

(source: meals & moves)

  • $23,210 in winning bids
  • $3,222 (and growing!) in paypal cash donations
  • $26,432 total amount raised

And as awesome as the money is, I’m nerdy over some other numbers, too.
(source: Hashtracking)

  • 1.9k tweets
  • 3.1 million impressions
  • 426 contributors
  • 455k reach

most popular tweeps:

  • @janeeetha
  • @balancesusan
  • @kwidrick
  • @olliboss
  • @lifeafterbagels

most tweets:

  • @janeeetha
  • @lasmoothiegirl
  • @lifeafterbagels
  • @kwidrick
  • @danicasdaily

most reach:

  • @celebbuzzz
  • @mizfitonline
  • @carrotsncake
  • @chobani
  • @kwidrick


  • @kwidrick
  • @janeeetha
  • @mealsandmiles
  • @lifeafterbagels
  • @mizfitonline

most tweets:

  • 2pm

most impressions:

  • 8am

I also set up a Storify for the #TGFA hashtag:

Did you take part in #TGFA? Are you a nerd for numbers like me?
P.S If you want to read a more emotional recap of the day, check out my “Social Media for Social Good” post on GrowingBolderTV.com.


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    Wow, Katy! This is so cool! Thank you for your efforts in the whole fundraiser. From your generous donation that raised a TON to your organization and social media skills with the chat and now this–you just continue to amaze me. I am so stoked to meet you next month :) Love ya!

  2. 7

    tracy_simmons says

    I did take part and am a total nerd for the numbers! Thanks for posting, Katy, These stats are amazing!

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