Five for Friday

23 weeks and getting bigger. Time is flying! Click the photo to get this week’s BabyBug update…

1. Guess What I Got (via Running Toward the Prize)

2. Do Anywhere Body Circuit (via Mom’s Little Running Buddy)

3. “The Best” Diet (via Eat Spin Run Repeat)

4. Workout Wednesday (via Cara’s Cravings)

5. Wedding Music Wednesdays (via Wild Things Run Free)


Going through @ 's Blogging Homework posts. Good stuff!


Big ass salad with raspberry basil vinegar and Meyer lemon olive oil. #sofreakinggood
Ashley Sult


"If you want to be happy, be." -- Leo Tolstoy via @


Apparently the one thing that all @ pants have in common on me is that they leave a gap behind the waist.


Dear Hairdryer, Thank you for dying right before my soaking wet hair needs to be dried before an event. Amen. Love, Kelly
Kelly Olexa


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