The Most Powerful Posts are The Most Terrifying to Publish

The times when I hold my breath and think twice about posting usually result in the posts resonate the most deeply with my readers. That’s something I’ve learned in more than five years of blogging. In the case of “What a Difference a Year Makes,” I came THISCLOSE to not hitting publish. I was ashamed […]

You Oughta Know: Facebook and Your Copyright

When you join a social networking website — remember that the key word is social. You don’t go onto a blog, Facebook or Twitter to keep information to yourself. You go onto those sites to share thoughts, photos, links and more. Don’t want anyone to see or be able to use — legally or otherwise — […]

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last October, my husband and I took a dream vacation to Europe. We’d spent years saving up and planning the stops we’d make because we knew it might be the last adventure for a while. We indulged in everything we could, from pizza to gelato and from wine to beer. I loved every single bite […]

Recipes From My Grandmother

My daughter’s name is Audrey Saison — both names are steeped in meaning for me and my husband, and both stem in part from my connection to my paternal grandparents, Kathy and Joe. Kathy passed away in 2010 and we lost Joe just 11 days before my daughter’s birth. One of the reasons Lucas and […]

Look Ma, I’m in a Book!

When I started this blog, it was kind of a mish-mash of, well…crappy food pictures and selfies taken after a run. I published my “Meet Me” post on November 2, 2007 with the following statement: Hi! My name is Katy and while I am a longtime internet user, I’m a first-time blogger. And while I […]


I so want to be one of those people that intuitively knows how to make a house a home. (I can’t describe the level of crush I have on the Young House Love crew.) You know — decorative pillows that “go” but don’t “match” the couch, curtains that enhance the paint color of the dining […]

Never Miss an Update From Your Favorite Facebook Pages

Best. News. EVAAAAAAAA! It is now super easy to make sure you’re notified about updates that your favorite pages make, which I honestly think is a long overdue tool. Two tools, to be exact. (Especially since I, ahem, “like” several hundred pages. And that’s after a major purge a few months ago.) Not only is […]

Workout Wednesday: David Kirsch

My days are all about making fitness a ritual — they were before baby, and they certainly are today. I’m thrilled to offer thi guest post from fitness ROCK STAR David Kirsch that is focused on working wellness into every day. Making Fitness and Wellness a Ritual By David Kirsch For the busy woman and […]

New Tool Tuesday: Florida Blogger Directory

I am SO excited about a new project that my dear friend just launched to support the Florida blogging community. While I’d love to take credit for even a small piece, this is all her hard work — and I honestly think it’s something that other states need to copy. (I’ll also shout out my […]