The Best Year…So Far

I love/hate end-of-year blog recaps. I tend to skip over them in my reader (sorry!) because while I know it’s exciting for the blogger to look back at his/her accomplishments, best memories and more, it’s notĀ allĀ that exciting for me to take that look back with you. (As a TV producer, I must say that the […]

You Oughta Know: Free Kindle Books at the Library!

For the longest time, I had an $.80 fine on my library account that really put a crimp in my borrowing style. Sadly, it needed to be paid in person, rather than online or over the phone (I tried!) and I just never remembered to go after work or on the weekends. Until paid, I […]

On Living in the Moment

I’ve never been great at living in the moment. It’s one of the main reasons that I love/hate yoga. It forces me to center my thoughts, to focus on where I am second-by-second and to be OK with not only where I am, but who I am. The holidays bring out some of my worst […]

Blogging as a Business: Where to Find Opportunities

If you started a blog to make money…good luck. You can do it, and can sometimes make enough to quit other jobs and live off the blogging income alone. But for most of us, blogging is at best a part-time job (and many don’t make any money at all — it can be a great […]

Show Me What You Got, What You Got pv

Update on 2/19: Well, it’s the final straw. I really wanted to give pv.body, now ellie, the benefit of the doubt in case some of the ongoing issues reflected growing pains of a new company. I worked with the team through emails over the last few weeks, trying to get updates on missing shipments, on […]

Light and Love During Dark Days

When I was a little kid, my dad often worked nights. He was a television reporter and went where the news called. Being in a big city and a major market (Boston), that news often called him to tragic scenes: shootings, fires, kidnappings, etc. I remember that on the really bad nights, he’d come in […]

New Tool Tuesday: Online Speed Tests

When we dropped cable more than a year ago, we did it because we planned to stream our television content (and watch a lot of over-the-air programming). We have two laptops, two smartphones, a Kindle, a Nexus 7, a Roku and an Internet-enabled Playstation 3, many of which run at the same time. So we […]

Hiswork, Herswork, Housework

This morning, as I mentally started my to-do list while sipping coffee in bed (yes, this is the big luxury of my maternity leave: my husband brings me coffee in bed so I can fuel up before my feet even hit the floor…swoon) I heard a tease on NBC’s “Today” show about the changing perception […]