30DC: Where I’ll Be in 10 Years

I have mixed feelings on the royal wedding. I’m interested in some things — what Kate will wear, whether William will cry, where they will honeymoon and what their married lives will be like.

Not so interested in the rest.

But one piece of news has been fascinating me this week — that Kate is likely to drop the “obey” line of the traditional ceremony vows. There’s precedent for the change, thanks to Kate’s mother-in-law Diana. But for a woman who is entering into one of the most traditional, rule-following families in the world, I find it interesting what she is putting her foot down about.

If you are married or hope to be married some day — what are your feelings on the commitments to love, honor, cherish and obey your spouse?

(P.S. I did not promise to obey, but we had pretty non-traditional, non-religious vows).

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Where You’d Like to Be in 10 Years

Wow…in 10 years I will be 41, a number that only scares me because it seems to mark a major shift in one of the most pressing things on my mind today. Fertility.

I have addressed my feelings on having kids in the past (“Is There a Right Time?“). I love kids. I desperately want kids…someday. And I don’t think my life would be complete without them.

So in 10 years, I would like to have at least one healthy, happy child. Maybe two or three.

I just celebrated my 5-year wedding anniversary and as I told you, I’m happier than ever. I work at my marriage all the time, and I know that there are most likely some bumps on my future road. But I vow to work through them as best I can and to be Lucas’ best friend for years to come.

So in 10 years, I’ll celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary with Lucas.

In terms of my career, I’m passionate about what I do, and where I do it. My full time job at Growing Bolder TV fulfills and challenges me, and I work with and for friends. In 10 years, I believe that Growing Bolder will continue to get bigger and more well-known, and that people all over the world will be able to watch our show and look to our social media efforts as examples of how to do things right.

So in 10 years, I’d like to be Executive Producer of Growing Bolder, overseeing an international series of television and radio programs, with a staff of dozens and a few awards with my name on them.

With this blog — I’d like to still be writing and sharing information. The technology will most certainly change, but I’d like to stay on top of things…emerging as a leader in using social media, technology tools and other resources to connect healthy living, mommy and fitness bloggers. That goes for #Fitblog Chats on Twitter, too.

So in 10 years, I’d like to be known as a leader in the blogging community, with a readership in the Top 10 of technology websites and a large, active #Fitblog community.

I love speaking and making presentations — it’s a rush for me personally, yes, but I really get the most fulfillment out of helping people solve problems or brainstorm new ideas.

SMC Orlando 10

So in 10 years, I’d like to be a regular on the speaking circuit for both technology/blogging and healthy living conferences.

I love to travel, both in the United States and abroad, and I’ve been sadly lacking in that department in the last few years. Part of the reason that Lucas and I have held off on having kids is so that we had the time and money for travel.

Horseback Riding 8

So in 10 years, I’d like to have visited several countries in Europe and seen some key U.S. cities.

I currently live in Florida…a state that I believed would only be home for a year or two. It’s been seven. I very much want to be working for Growing Bolder, and very much want kids, but don’t very much want to do either in Florida (sorry, Sunshine State).

Saturday 028

So in 10 years, I’d like to be living in Seattle, New England OR on a beach somewhere.

I have completed several fitness goals — three half marathons, several triathlons, strength training and more. But there are more goals to achieve.

So in 10 years, I’ll still be running, competing in triathlon and pushing my body to its limits.

Where will YOU be in 10 years?


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  1. says

    In 10 years I’ll be 53, so, ack! But I have wonderful friends in their 50s and 60s now, who are showing me that you can live a fit, active and fun life at any age, so I hope I am still running with a slightly better chance of being ranked in my age gourp! I’m not sure where I want to be work-wise–probably doing what I’m doing but better at delegating! Family-wise, I think I can imagine grandchildren, since my daughter will be 30, but I won’t be pushy.

    The Royal Wedding vows bit got my attention too. I never would have included “obey” but it’s not in the “Marriage” ceremony in the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer anyway. The vows there (which we used) say:

    I, (Name), take you (Name), to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death.

    Then with the rings we said:

    (Name), I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you . . . .

    Since the Episcopalian church dervied from the Church of England, I would have though they would be the same, but maybe not. And, we were permitted to kiss in church, which I’ve heard they are not!

  2. says

    Cool about her dropping the obey! I didn’t know that (but I don’t watch a lot (any) tv)

    I am doing the 30dc too and this was a hard question for me, though I can’t wait to go back in 10 (or even 5) years and see where I stand

  3. says

    I’m with you on the baby thing. I just turned 33 and I’m still not ready to have a baby (I’ve only been married for 10 months) but it’s like I’m already 33!

    I wrote everything that our officiant said at your wedding ceremony so I’m pretty sure I did not write that I would obey my husband!

  4. says

    Hi Katy! As a fairly new blogger trying to figure out what this crazy blog world is all about, I really enjoy reading the content you provide.

    To comment on the “obey” debate: I got married this past July, and I used the word “submit” in my vow to my husband. To many people this sounds sexist, but there is a reason behind it. We are Lutheran, and believe that God created roles for men and women in marriage. The husband is to love his wife just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. He is to mimic that example of sacrificial love modeled by Christ. He is the head servant. The women are to love and submit to their husbands as the church loves and submits to Christ. This does not mean that one partner is considered better, or more important, or in charge of the other, but just that they are following the example of perfect love.

    Obviously not everyone agrees with this, and I completely understand why people who have different beliefs choose to omit the word “obey” or “submit.”

    Great discussion point!

  5. says

    Great topic! We certainly did not say obey in our wedding vows 3 years ago. In fact, we didn’t even say “forever” or “til death do us part.” As we were talking about our vows, my then-fiance said to me, “I think too highly of you to lie to you. There are no guarantees to forever and I will not stand in front of you and lie like that.” We look at our marriage as more of a renewable contract and something we should choose to continue rather than a hard-and-fast covenant that may end up meaning decades of misery just because we dug our heels in. Choosing to continue saying yes is very empowering, both in the day to day decisions to honor one other and the marriage as well as in the long-term. We have been together 8 years and will celebrate our third wedding anniversary in June.

    Of course, this is one of those topics that falls under “to each his own.” I think the most important thing for people who are exchanging any kind of vows is to make promises that you can keep and feel good about keeping. Whatever the language is, speak the truth.

  6. says

    Really interesting dicussion about the “obey” in wedding vows!

    Katy, I’m also 31 and feel the same way about kids. I am not where I want to be career-wise, I still want to travel more, and although I love kids, I’m not feeling that burning desire yet. I know I want them, so I just hope I can have them when I’m ready!

  7. says

    Is it bad that I don’t remember what our vows were? It’s only been 2 years. I’m a little ashamed. I think we had traditional vows, and they probably said “obey” and I’m okay with that.

    In 10 years.. I hope to be living somewhere further south.. Key West? yes please. I’m currently obsessed w/ figuring out how we can move to Key West. I love Florida, and I’ll never leave. We are in the “I don’t know if kids are for us” boat. We enjoy going and doing whatever we want, whenever we want and kids would put a damper on that. I don’t feel guilty or selfish for saying that. I honestly don’t think kids are for everyone. My uterus doesn’t ache when it sees babies, it shrivels up and cringes :-)

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