5 Tips for Content Integration

(I’m really excited to offer you this guest post from my friend Alyssa of FunFitFashionable, because it’s a rundown of what works for her — and may work for you — when it comes to a checklist for making sure your work gets seen. Take a look, leave Alyssa a comment and be sure to tell her what YOU do!)

Hi bloggers! My name’s Alyssa and I am a health and fitness enthusiast obsessed with living a balanced life and keeping up with fashion on top of it. Katy was nice enough to let me blog over here today.

Katy provides some AWESOME tips for bloggers, and anyone in the media industry, too! After participating in her 28-Day Blog Challenge throughout February, I noticed something finally clicked – I understood how to promote my blog more thoroughly along all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


It may seem simple but it can be pretty overwhelming for a lot of bloggers. I have been blogging at FunFitFashionable for about two years, and I am just now getting this “promotion routine” down.

Content integration is about promoting your blog, but also building your community and connecting with more people that relate to you and your writing.

I thought the easiest way to explain this would be through a checklist format. These are some things I do daily:

  1. Post a blog.
  2. Schedule three tweets for throughout the day linking to your post. I use Hootsuite.
  3. Post blog post on Facebook.
  4. Tweet a question or something fun to your followers, obviously relating to your niche.
  5. Connect with 5 other bloggers through Twitter. I usually do this when I go into my reader. If I find a post I LOVE, I will comment on it and tweet the post out with “via @kwidrick”, for example. I usually post these to Facebook, as well.
  6. Tweet a quote or something that inspires you. This is another thing I will also post to Facebook.
  7. Add a watermark to photos that you’re using for social media (I use PicMonkey – It’s FREE!).
  8. Put the edited photo on Pinterest, linking to your daily post.
  9. Instagram the same image with relevant hashtags.

Some of the things I’ve noticed that severely help my blog’s growth are the inspirational images on Twitter, consistent daily posting on Facebook, and watermarking my images. My social media circle has grown a decent amount over the last two months just from this process. Hopefully yours will, too!

I created an Infographic that may help, too!

Do you promote posts in a different way? What works for you?

You can find Alyssa on Twitter and Facebook if you have any questions!

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  1. says

    AWESOME post!! Thank you for sharing! Over the last two years, I’ve really found what works for me and you’ve definitely hit a few of those points – tweeting throughout the day (except why don’t I preschedule those?!) but I really need to work on Pinterest integration.

    • says

      Katie, the scheduling tool makes a HUGE difference! Sometimes I even forget about Pinterest, but it definitely drives a decent amount of traffic when you have a good image.

  2. says

    Great tips! Definitely saving this to refer back to.

    I’m curious – on average, how many hours a day would you say blogging and content integration take you?

    • says

      Hi Lisa! Posting a blog usually can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on what sort of post it is, but integration and promotion I would have to say it probably takes about an hour to and hour and a half at most for one post. That’s when I’m scheduling and finding things to tweet about/mention – like other interesting articles and posts. Hope this helps! :)

  3. says

    Lately most of my traffic is coming from Pinterest so I started to focus a lot of my efforts in that area. What is was super useful was to get clear on google analytics how it works and then creating strategies based on that as opposed to my head.

    However I am definitely going to use some of these techniques for sure! Thank you so much for sharing then Alyssa. Katy thank you for hosting this great blog post!


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