Avoid the Noid: Amazing Homemade Pizza

Anyone get the reference in the post title? Anyone? Bueller? Here you go.

I have been known to exaggerate from time to time, using superlatives when they might not be totally warranted; from “I had the worst day” to “I have a million things to do” to “I must have the biggest butt on the East Coast.” None of them are true, but I’m a drama queen.

But I truly believe that this statement is no hyperbole:

The following is a representation of the most amazing homemade pizza ever created.

Homemade Pizzas 5

It shouldn’t have been a surprise — after all, I got the dough recipe from Jenna at Eat, Live, Run, who called this The Best Pizza Dough.

I made the dough from Jenna’s instructions, although I used all whole wheat pastry flour instead of a mix. I slathered the rolled out dough with organic sauce, cheese and a heaping pile of veggies (sauteed peppers and onions and raw purple onions for both; additional portobello mushrooms for me):

Homemade Pizzas 4

Homemade Pizzas 8

Homemade Pizzas 9

Crispy on the edges (because I rolled them up a bit before cooking), soft warm melty gooey heavenly oh my gosh delicious veggies on top. I caught myself crossing my eyes a few times while devouring the entire personal pizza I’d made!

It kept me stuffed all night, which is rare — I didn’t even think about indulging my sweet tooth. This morning, I woke up ready to rock. Usually, I take long bike rides on Saturday, but I’m a little sore from Thursday’s run, and I want to do a long run tomorrow, so I decided to take a day of rest.

But rest from a workout did not mean I didn’t stay busy! I like to take long weekends to clean out the house as much as possible. I get rid of clothes, shoes and other stuff I haven’t used in a while. Today, it meant tearing apart the kitchen and putting it back together:

Kitchen Cleanup 1

Kitchen Cleanup 5

Kitchen Cleanup 2

Kitchen Cleanup 9

Kitchen Cleanup 8

Kitchen Cleanup 11

Kitchen Cleanup 10

Faegan helped me by recycling some of the boxes I was getting rid of:

Kitchen Cleanup 7

He mistook the corner for our recycling station. I couldn’t be mad, because he helped Lucas pick a winner for his Stella Artois giveaway this morning. Check out the cutest video ever!

Time to watch Project Runway on the DVR get back to cleaning. Lucas brought me home a present — Bombay Sapphire and tonic water, a favorite combo of mine — so I need to hustle and get my work done so I can relax soon!

P.S. What do you all think of the new blog style? It’s in progress — I found a great theme and am in the process of tweaking it. I’m no coder but I’m learning, slowly but surely!

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  1. says

    I think the new format is really clean.:)

    I made Jenna’s pizza dough with whole wheat pastry flour recently too – LOVED it (i actually liked it better than the all purpose/ whole wheat mix). Have a great night!

  2. says

    Hi fellow drama queen. I also tend to exaggerate everything with hyperboles. It’s my trademark, so there. ;-p

    boy, look at the way you organized your pantry…VERY neat!When you do something, you sure do them right!

    And I MUST try that pizza dough…I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep unless I’ve had my taste of them yet.

  3. says

    I like the new layout alot! It is very easy to read and the background color is warm and welcoming. :) Makes me want to keep reading!

    That pizza looks so good!!! Please come to my house and make me pizzas and be an organizer queen! Love it!

  4. says

    Man! Everyone is making pizza/ordering pizza this weekend!! You’re the 7th or 8th post I’ve read about homemade pizza or getting pizza out! And I’m going for pizza with my fam tonight!

  5. says

    The site looks great. I have no idea how to do any of that. I would have to hire someone to design mine or stick with the templates offered. Good job!

    Good job on the pizzas too. I will have to try that dough. We made calzone last night, but I was a wimp and just bought dough at the store!

  6. Rob Shutts says

    As my wife proclaims me as the king of homemade pizza….I hope you utilized a pizza stone for your creation. If you’ve never used one, and are in the business of making homemade pizza regularly, its well worth the investment.

    Also, try grilling one….it’s fantastic!


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