Avoiding the Comparison Trap

It’s a little rambly, but I wanted to address one the most common emails I get (third only to “Can you look at my media kit?” {yes} and “How much should I ask for when working on a sponsored post?” {see here}).

So, I give you this vlog. Let me know if you agree!

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  1. says

    This is an awesome video with a great message… and yet I still can’t help but compare myself to you while watching it. “Gosh… I just had a baby this past year, but I don’t feel like I’ve got the mom/career stuff down! I’m a couple years older than Katy and I should be more self-confident and secure in myself at this point.” The comparison trap is so evil and it’s tough to stay out of that rut! But thank you for sharing this message, it was wonderful… truly!

    • says

      Hey, I get it…like I said, I’m a work in progress! :) Remember, too, that in blogs and social media, we don’t post all of the crappy stuff. So the next time you think someone (like me!) has it better, remember that they probably forgot to eat breakfast (ahem) or something worse.

  2. says

    Something I’ve done with regard to running and feeling better about my personal achievements is to wear a heart rate monitor, someone doing 14 min. miles might be accomplishing more than someone doing 7 min. miles, it’s all about how hard the heart is working inside your body, I bring this up because just like many things in life often times it’s not what’s on the outside that we should be comparing, but rather compare the inside, a little metaphor, but oh so true.

  3. says

    Love this! You speak such truths. Hopefully we can all remember this as we go through our lives. As you were talking – so wise for your age, I wondered what I was doing when I was your age. Then, when you said you would be 33 in a few weeks, I realized a few weeks before my 33rd birthday, I was having my last child. He is 18 now so know that you are set for a great life with this attitude!!!

  4. Jolene says

    Your baby is so cute! I kind of very much agree with you on many accounts. For me it was more of a beating myself up for things that i couldn’t change. I’ve really been working this year on living the whole accept the things you cannot change type mentality. You know just telling myself to let it go and do better next time


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