Blog Homework: Day 2

I’m away from technology for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. So for 14 days, I’m issuing you some homework. That’s right — you get to work while I get to relax. You can follow all of the assignments here. If you have questions, feel free to post in the comments…It may take me a while to respond, but I’ll be reading everything when I return!

Over the 14 days, I’m going to assign you some tasks that I think will help you streamline, organize, market and ENJOY your blog a little more. For the first five assignments, you’ll be asked to review your blog itself. You’ll get the weekend off, then five more assignments that are focused on helping you build your readership and social media community.

Post Categories/Structure

You work so hard on creating quality posts — but what are you doing to make them easy for your readers to find?

I think that something bloggers don’t do a great job of is setting up a hierarchy of categories (or tags, but you can see why I argue for categories here). So for today’s homework assignment, I ask you to step back and create a good structure for your blog. A diagram, if you will.

Really think about the types of posts that you write — and what kind of keywords you’d like people to associate with your blog. Think about the kind of posts that you’d like to write. And format your hierarchy to match.

Your next steps may vary, depending on whether you are using Blogger, WordPress or another platform, and how much control you have over your website. But if you can, I would like you to go to your category settings (in WordPress, it’s  a menu under “Posts”) and use the parent/child options to set up the categories that you laid out in your diagram.

Now, once the structure is saved, you will be able to put future posts in the proper categories.

But I want you to do two more things.

1) Go back and edit old posts and put them in the proper categories. It might take some time, but it will help you fill your new hierarchy out, and it will also help direct people to the most relevant content on your site.

2) Add the new categories to your navigation bar, either including the parent categories, or the children as well (can display as dropdowns, if you like).

OK — time to go get your homework done!

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  1. says

    This is something I’m *so* bad at so thanks for the reminder. There are a few categories I’m good about using for specific blog series but for the general ‘brunch,’ ‘cooking,’ etc. posts, I never do it.

  2. says

    This was a wake up call…guess what I’m doing tonight? I had no idea you could add categories to the navigation bar. Now that I realize that’s what yours are (and figured out how to do it poking around my site) I’m definitely revamping mine!

  3. says

    My site was a mess. I never even noticed the categories before. So after about 2 hours, of working on this off and on between doing work duties, I changed the categories just like you suggested. Much better. I had to go back through every single post as everything is set to “uncatergorized” by default. A pain in the neck, but so worth it to be sure. Thanks for the insight. Amazing how much I don’t know about WP still after being on for about 4 months. Good homework.

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