Bloggers in Depth: Picture Perfect

For my #Fitbloggin presentation on branding, I asked healthy living bloggers to take part in an anonymous survey, powered by my sponsor friends at SurveyMonkey (disc). Nearly 400 people responded and the information shared here is part of an ongoing series called “Bloggers in Depth.” The results are available for download here and I invite you to do analysis on your own blog!

In the last Bloggers in Depth posts, we looked at “Who We Are,”  “What We Do,” “What We Make,” “Knowing Our Numbers” and “Tech Talk.”  Today, we look at the various goodies that we use for photos, videos and more!

Blogging Goodies

We’re picture-taking fools, we bloggers. 97% of us have a still camera, whether a point-and-shoot, a fancy DSLR or otherwise.

And those pictures make it into a lot of posts. 32% say you always include photos, with an additional 35% reporting that they almost always include photos.

A majority of us have video cameras as well, although not as many as still cameras (56%). Note: We asked people to not include point-and-shoot or other cameras that are primarily still photography tools, even if they have built-in video capabilities.

But videos are still pretty uncommon in posts. 51% say they never use videos in posts, with almost 30% saying they almost never use video in posts.

And guess what? Smartphones are popular among our crowd! 75% of you own one, although only 44% of you say you read blogs from a mobile device.

In the next installment, I’ll take a look at the different social media outlets we use, and how often we use them!

How do you stack up against these numbers? Are you a “typical” blogger or unique, according to these demographics? How can you work with what makes you fit in and what helps you stand out?


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  1. says

    I’m with the majority in this one. Own a still camera, not a video. Use a smartphone but not really for blogging purposes and don’t usually include videos but almost always include photos (although not 100% of the time, I’d say 75%)

  2. says

    Oh, this time it seems I’m with the minorities. I do have a still camera, no video camera, but I almost never use photos in my posts. Maybe I should do that more often?
    I also don’t have a smart phone. What can I say, I’m cheap. 😉

  3. says

    Yup still pretty typical, though I don’t have a video camera. I am glad that videos are not as popular on blogs. I sneaky-read most blogs at work so if there’s a vlog post, I have to skip it entirely and it makes me cranky.

  4. says

    I’m a typical one, I do have a still camera, and I don’t have a video camera (I think I have no reason to have one), I post photos because it adds something on your blog and I haven’t tried posting videos. I think people are lazy watching it and sometimes buffering is really slow.

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