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For my #Fitbloggin presentation on branding, I asked healthy living bloggers to take part in an anonymous survey, powered by my sponsor friends at SurveyMonkey (disc). Nearly 400 people responded and the information shared here is part of an ongoing series called “Bloggers in Depth.” The results are available for download here and I invite you to do analysis on your own blog!

In the last Bloggers in Depth post, we looked at “Who We Are.” Today, I’m breaking down the 2011 Healthy Living Bloggers Survey to take a closer look at What We Do.


I’ll be the first to admit that this section of the survey may not reflect the entire blogosphere, because I targeted people who identify themselves as Healthy Living and/or Fitness bloggers. But I was surprised to see that many (most?) of us blog about a variety of topics. 82% of people blog about fitness, 63% of people say that they post about cooking and recipes, and 43% of you blog about family. I’d be very interested to see if technology and social media start creeping up in the coming years!

I knew this next question would return interesting results — I asked people to report whether they blog for fun, for business or for fun and business. These days, many of us are either making money from our blogs (making them businesses of their own) or we’re honing our skills at writing and social media while on the job, making those tasks part of our official job descriptions.

But not one person reported blogging for business only. Cool, huh?


I’ve talked quite a bit on the blog about timing your blog posts, tweets and Facebook status updates. So I was curious to see what the average is when it comes to publishing content on your blogs. The biggest number of people (28%) post two to three times a week, followed by four to six times a week (25%). Only 7% of you post more than once a day (and when we get to upcoming posts, I’ll show you how that MAY impact the monetization of your work…)

How does all of that translate into how much time you spend blogging? 30% of you say you spend 1-3 hours a week on your blog, and another 30% spend 4-6 hours a week. There’s no easy or scientific way, given the questions that I asked, to figure out how long the average blogger spends on an individual post, but that might be an interesting line of questions for the next version of the survey!

When we’re not writing, we’re reading — so I asked you to share how many blogs you read on an average day. I read a lot (a LOT) of blogs, so I figured I’d be an outlier. But after seeing these results, I should have expanded the options!

One more fun stat for this installment — I asked you to share how long you’ve been blogging. I’m an old-timer … I’ve been posting since 2007. But it looks like as a whole, we’re pretty young (not in age, but in blog age). The largest group of you have been blogging for 1-2 years (29%) followed by six months to a year (20%). Only 8% of you have been blogging for more than 5 years!

In the next installment, I’ll take a look at the survey results and what they say about who makes money, how and how much!

How do you stack up against these numbers? Are you a “typical” blogger or unique, according to these demographics? How can you work with what makes you fit in and what helps you stand out?

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  1. says

    I’m definitely an “oldie”- I’ve been blogging since 2004. But other than that, I’m probably pretty average when it comes to the other measures.

    Can’t wait to check out the webinar if I have the time! (have some out of town guests here, so I might have to skip it, but we’ll see!)

  2. says

    Great stats! I’ve had a public blog for over 2 years, but I’ve had a semi-private blog on LiveJournal since 2004. I really have no idea how often I post. I only post when I feel like I have enough to say to make it worthwhile to write and read.

  3. says

    Great compilation! I’m a pretty regular blogger, methinks. 3-4 posts a week, spend about 4 hours a week on blogging… I read about 10 blogs daily and am a new blogger! Hopefully I’ll make it to the 5 year mark, that would be awesome!! I’m looking forward to the Central Florida Blogger Conference to help give me a little guidance :-)

  4. says

    I’m definitely a younger blogger and rather typical. My blog is a little less than a year old, and I try to post 1-2 times a day! I’m also a FUN! blogger as I blog about my health and fitness journey which is a far cry from my chosen line of work (law).

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