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For my #Fitbloggin presentation on branding, I asked healthy living bloggers to take part in an anonymous survey, powered by my sponsor friends at SurveyMonkey (disc). Nearly 400 people responded and the information shared here is part of an ongoing series called “Bloggers in Depth.” The results are available for download here and I invite you to do analysis on your own blog!

In the last Bloggers in Depth posts, we looked at “Who We Are,”  “What We Do,” “What We Make,” “Knowing Our Numbers,” “Tech Talk” and “Picture Perfect.”  Today, we look at the different social media outlets we use, and how often we use them!

Y’all KNOW I’m a social media addict…so it should be no surprise that I geeked out when I saw these stats.

92% of the people who responded to the survey are on Twitter. That’s not a huge shock, but it does make me wish I’d done the same survey 5 years ago — the numbers would have been very different!

83% use Twitter to promote their blog or blogs. But (and this surprised me!) the majority of you only have one Twitter account (75%).

I asked people to share reasons why they might not have a Twitter account, and many (32%) said they’re just not interested.

No shock here — 97% of people who responded are on Facebook.

But again — for the most part (69%) you only have one profile or page.

SHOCKINGLY — of the people who are on Facebook, only about half of you (53%) use it to promote your blog.

What other social networks do you belong to? Here are a few of the answers:

  • Foursquare
  • Daily Mile
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Spark People
  • Blog Frog
In an average week, the people that responded vary a lot in how much time is spent using social networks:

In the next installment, I’ll wrap up the remaining questions and results — including what kind of support we get from friends and families when it comes to blogging.

How do you stack up against these numbers? Are you a “typical” blogger or unique, according to these demographics? How can you work with what makes you fit in and what helps you stand out?

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  1. says

    I’m not surprised that most people only have one Twitter account and don’t use Facebook to promote their blogs. I have one Twitter account that I use for personal/blogging. What more do I need? I also have chosen not to make a blog FB page, instead use RSS Graffiti to promote blog posts I really like, with great photos and recipes on my own page. I don’t like to clutter my FB wall or friends feeds with 5-6 posts/week. I feel like they’ll start to ignore me instead of read every single one.
    I’ve chosen not to make a blog FB page because I personally don’t like following them on FB. I follow on Reader and see posts on Twitter, and don’t like the clutter on my own feed.

  2. says

    I only have one twitter account which I do use to promote my blog. I don’t use it share personal information so I am not sure why I would need another account. Facebook for me is more personal-it’s about close friends and so there’s more sharing of personal information.
    I do have a FB page for my blog but more of my traffic comes from Twitter. I can understand that as I don’t follow most blogs on Facebook either, preferring Google Reader instead.

  3. says

    I have one personal twitter account and two for work if that counts as multiple! Then one personal facebook account, one blog fb account and two for work.

  4. says

    I’m not surprised that people only have one twitter account. I mean… that’s the only reason I’m on twitter, to promote my blog, and connect with other bloggers and brands that I love and believe in. I do however have a FB page, and I feel like even though I only have about 15 fans so far, I get a lot of my traffic through there. I’m excited to see your next installment!

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