Blogging as a Business: Where to Find Opportunities

If you started a blog to make money…good luck. You can do it, and can sometimes make enough to quit other jobs and live off the blogging income alone. But for most of us, blogging is at best a part-time job (and many don’t make any money at all — it can be a great and fulfilling hobby!).

When you decide to monetize your blog, you can expect to work very, very hard and since it often takes money to make money, you may have to invest in yourself before anyone else will (take a look at this post to see where my blogging budget goes). You’ll certainly want to have your media kit ready:

I have talked at LENGTH about different ways to make money, including lists of opportunities with ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc. and have included dozens of links and examples in “Money: The Ultimate Hornet’s Nest.” I’ve also talked about finding and working with blog sponsors in two posts.

But wait, there’s more!

I have the good luck to be connected with several amazing organizations that offer opportunities to work with brands, amplify my work and pay me (in cash or other compensation. I can’t guarantee that all of these organizations will accept your application, but it’s worth checking out:

Glam Media


Clever Girls Collective

The SITS Girls


Social Spark


Business 2 Blogger


I have also had a lot of luck reaching out to companies on my own — preparing a proposal and then working with the brand to find something that fits. So don’t be afraid to ask!

Let me know if there’s a network or organization that I should add to the list. Now, happy job hunting!

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  1. says

    Great points Katy and thanks for the links.

    I have found over the years and through all the training that I have done, that blogging in my opinion should not be the sole focus of the business but complement a business. For example blogging for income on it’s own, unless you are really lucky, and have an infinite amount of valuable, unique and amazing content, I think is going to be quite difficult to sustain over a long period of time, however if you have a business (in anything) then the blog complements your marketing strategy with it.

    Just my two cents.

    David Risely wrote a good post about it here “Reality Check: A Blog Is Not A Business”
    – Blogs don’t make money. Businesses make money.

    i think you will see (and probably can already) some of the bigger blogs petering out in terms of unique content, changes in advertising, saturation (newer bloggers coming in) keeping the interest of the reader etc, but with a dynamic business attached to it, they can really flourish.

  2. says

    Thanks, Katy! You always have excellent resources, and I’ve created a media kit that helped me get a sponsorship once for blogging.

    I love blogging and definitely see it as a platform for potential business projects. This past month I started a series on making money from blogging, which is kind of an experiment with these projects:

  3. says

    All I can say is I can truly relate to your post. I am a busy work at home mom. Online job or blogging has truly made a good impact in my life or one way of saying that I am earning good income while staying at home. This also helped me spend some time with my kids.

  4. Kennedy says

    Hello Katy, I am a student and I want to use blogging as a source of income to fund my education. Can you please tell me what kind of payment method I can use to get paid and how I can connect it to my blog. You send me a direct email to I’ll be glad if you could help me. Thanks in advance.

  5. kb says

    hello! I find your articles very resourceful and appreciate the information. My question is as a blogger how important is it to use your real name vs a pen name?


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