Buffer Part 2: Analytics

It’s official: I still love Buffer.

I first introduced you to the scheduling app in a New Tool Tuesday feature, but those were just some of the basics. Take a look at the power of scheduled tweets — amazing impressions and analytics!

These are some of the tweets that I scheduled through Buffer last week:

The left icon shows number of retweets, the center icon is number of clicks, and the far right shows number of impressions.

Take, for example, the tweet I made on Tuesday at 8:09pm. I shared the link to a post I’d done months ago, about auditing your blog. The information was still relevant, and someone that I was talking to reminded me that it’s a pretty good resource.

I got 85 clicks through to that post — 85 page views for something that took me no added effort. 

And since I typically try and tweet other people’s posts more than my own, the power of sharing gets amplified.

Another example — see the post that I shared on Wednesday morning, from Roni? She got 50 clicks from my share, which is great, because it was a post that deserved a lot of attention (here it is, in case you missed it: “Hi, I’m Dr. Darlene and I Lost 40lbs on the HCG Diet System.“)

Here’s this week’s dashboard:

Lots of people got love from me, because it’s so easy to share from my Google Reader and/or the bookmarklet in Chrome. I just one-click send the post to Buffer and keep my queue loaded up.

I’m not alone in my Buffer love:

Again — nothing that I put in Buffer is automated except for the actual time that it goes out. I still go in and tweak the message, add the Twitter handle and more. But it just allows me to load up a queue with stuff that I think is interesting (and give some love to older posts that I think have relevance today).

YAY analytics!

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    • says

      Hi Heather,

      Awesome, so glad you like Buffer. A quick heads up, if you go to “Settings” you can always add more times in if you want, so you can Tweet more often every day! :)

      Hope that helps, you can ping me anytime at leo @ bufferapp.com

      Co-Founder Buffer

  1. says

    Great examples – thanks for sharing them (so I can share with others). BufferApp is such a time saver. I can now share more — and share better. Thanks for your sharing ways!

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