Hallelujah, the House Hunting is Over

My real-life version of House Hunters was not nearly as much fun as what you see on TV. But thankfully, the search has ended. St. Petersburg, here we come!

Running Evan In

Recently, I got the shocking news that a young family member of mine had died at the last mile of a half marathon. Now, thousands are honoring his life.

Up and Down and Up and Down

It was the hilliest and most beautiful half marathon I’ve ever done (and wait until you see the post-race brunch). Plus, a review of the SunTaker products and some updates on other up/down/up/down moments I’ve recently experienced.

Standing Up for Wendy. Standing Up to Cancer.

EFFING CANCER. I have been saying the X-rated version of that phrase over and over since last week, when I found out that one of my favorite people in the world — a woman who is a friend, a colleague, a daily inspiration to me and to millions across the world, a tireless advocate for […]


I’m always a little scattered when I come home from a conference. EXCITED. OVERWHELMED. HAPPY. CONFUSED. And in the case of the IDEA World Fitness conference in Anaheim, California: SORE. Let’s take them in order, shall we? 5 Things I Felt at IDEA World Fitness Conference EXCITED I get butterflies when I arrive at any […]

Saying Goodbye to the Dog Who Chose Us

I should not be writing this post. Because I never should have been Junior’s mom. I never should have had to make the decision to say goodbye to a dog who only three weeks ago was running around in the backyard without a care in the world.

Proud to Be a Mamalete

I’m proud to be a Mamalete because my daughter Audrey is now old enough to mimic and learn and she’ll grow up seeing a mom who moves and sweats and honors her body.