I’m always a little scattered when I come home from a conference. EXCITED. OVERWHELMED. HAPPY. CONFUSED. And in the case of the IDEA World Fitness conference in Anaheim, California: SORE. Let’s take them in order, shall we? 5 Things I Felt at IDEA World Fitness Conference EXCITED I get butterflies when I arrive at any […]

Saying Goodbye to the Dog Who Chose Us

I should not be writing this post. Because I never should have been Junior’s mom. I never should have had to make the decision to say goodbye to a dog who only three weeks ago was running around in the backyard without a care in the world.

Proud to Be a Mamalete

I’m proud to be a Mamalete because my daughter Audrey is now old enough to mimic and learn and she’ll grow up seeing a mom who moves and sweats and honors her body.

A Day in My Life (Right Now)

I didn’t realize until after I hit publish on my last post that it was my 1,000th written since I launched a tiny little site called Silly Tater Tot nearly six years ago (!!!). In it, I invited you to “Meet Me” and the me was a 27-year-old newlywed with no kids, a new job at a little […]

Homesick, Party of Two

The sign of a good vacation? You cry when it’s over. (I guess that could be the sign of a really terrible vacation, too…but in my case, the tears were because I just wasn’t ready to come home. Neither was Lucas.) I’ve talked before about my family’s property in Maine — we’ve had it since […]

The Not-So-Humble Brag Post

Have you heard of humblebrags? It’s false humility. When you share something that is super flattering to you in an “oh, this old thing” manner. Examples, via @humblebrag on Twitter: This post? There’s NO humility. Just bragging. Because I want to run around high-fiving people and jumping up and down because I am so darn excited […]

Oh Woe

For the first time in years, I’ve found myself consistently awake at 4:00 a.m. with my mind racing. It’s a mix of the reasonable: I hope things go well on our TV shoot next week. Did I finish writing that script in the C block? I have to remember to print those teases. I can’t […]

Red, White and Blue Giveaway

Cue the fireworks! One of my very favorite blogger/business owners wants to help make it a really special 4th of July holiday. (You remember Jasmine, no? I gushed over her work in “Chasing Her Dream” and then she revealed some of the scary-but-wonderful challenges of quitting her job and pursuing her passions in “My Very […]

My Baby Beat Me to the Finish Line

Well, I’m humbled. My baby — all of six months old — beat me to the finish line at a 5K this weekend, setting her PR, her PDR and even winning the unofficial stroller division. I’m just hoping it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship she has with fitness. On Friday, DadJovi called and said […]