Fit Tip Friday: No Gym, No Problem!

I know it can seem daunting to get in a good, sweaty workout without a ton of equipment or space, but I’ve really come to learn that with some creativity (and commitment — you have to have that!) you can get an amazing bodyweight routine knocked out with things you have hanging around your house.

Fit Tip Friday: PiYo Flip

The PiYo Flip works all of your muscles — your shoulders, back, glutes and legs, and it especially takes good core strength to perform with good alignment.

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

BE HERE NOW. Live with intention. Make the time if you can. And if you can’t, be present for those short stretches, whenever they come. Time flies. So soar!

Fit Tip Friday: Family-Friendly Fitness

Audrey LOVES dancing, yoga, riding her bike, etc., and because she has so much fun, I have fun. Here are some ways that you can incorporate family fitness!

What the Heck is Turbo Kick?

Turbo Kick is cardio kickboxing and body-sculpting dance moves choreographed to today’s music — all mixed together. High intensity, fast-faced and definitely a BLAST.

Fit Tip Friday: Proprioception

Proprioception is a fancy way of saying: how your body feels in space. Here are three things you can do to work on that awareness, strength and flexibility.

Running Evan In

Recently, I got the shocking news that a young family member of mine had died at the last mile of a half marathon. Now, thousands are honoring his life.