Fit Tip Friday: Proprioception

Proprioception is a fancy way of saying: how your body feels in space. Here are three things you can do to work on that awareness, strength and flexibility.

Running Evan In

Recently, I got the shocking news that a young family member of mine had died at the last mile of a half marathon. Now, thousands are honoring his life.

Want to Start Running?

Can you have a happy, healthy running career even if you’ve never run a lap before? I think so! Here are my tips.

Yo-Yo, We Yo-Yo

(#AD) I’m thrilled to be working with and FitFluential to review an amazing new website that offers FREE yoga, cooking and wellness videos. It’s a big hit with my 2-year-old (and her mama’s pretty impressed as well).

Up and Down and Up and Down

It was the hilliest and most beautiful half marathon I’ve ever done (and wait until you see the post-race brunch). Plus, a review of the SunTaker products and some updates on other up/down/up/down moments I’ve recently experienced.

Getting GRITty

(#AD) This is a mixed review of the Les Mills GRIT workouts, as I experienced them in a special event at the IDEA World conference. Please read all the way through.

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon

For my five previous 13.1-mile races, I’ve followed training plans, with high mileage, speedwork and interval runs. This time? None of the above. Yikes.