Fit Tip Friday: Prenatal Core Exercises

Assuming you’ve gotten your medical provider’s OK — and I’m super serious about this, because I don’t know you or your specific needs or situation — you may be looking for some great workouts that can help you strengthen all of the muscles you’ll be using at the end of your pregnancy journey.

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Awesome and Easy Beach Workouts

Whether you just take a nice, long walk on the unstable sand or do something a little more intense, why not combine fun and fitness?

Climbing the Mountain: Prenatal Fitness

19 weeks pregnant at the gym is like WHOA. I get the stares, like “is she or isn’t she?,” every time I pick up a barbell. Here’s why I keep it up.

Missing the Run

I’m on my second long hiatus from running and mostly loving the break. But all of a sudden, I miss the adrenaline rush that running gives me.

#ITrainFor: Pregnancy and Labor!

(#AD) Running and I are on a break. There are no mountains in Florida. So I am training for pregnancy and LABOR with The North Face Mountain Athletics app!

Don’t Quit on Your Worst Day

(#AD) It’s a phrase I picked up as a breastfeeding mom, but it is a great reminder for weight loss, fitness and other journeys that present challenges.

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Fit Tip Friday: No Gym, No Problem!

I know it can seem daunting to get in a good, sweaty workout without a ton of equipment or space, but I’ve really come to learn that with some creativity (and commitment — you have to have that!) you can get an amazing bodyweight routine knocked out with things you have hanging around your house.