Up and Down and Up and Down

It was the hilliest and most beautiful half marathon I’ve ever done (and wait until you see the post-race brunch). Plus, a review of the SunTaker products and some updates on other up/down/up/down moments I’ve recently experienced.

Getting GRITty

(#AD) This is a mixed review of the Les Mills GRIT workouts, as I experienced them in a special event at the IDEA World conference. Please read all the way through.

Fit Tip Friday: Dive In! (Pool Workouts)

New to swimming? Looking to get back in the pool after a break? Here are a couple of workouts that will have you building muscle and confidence.

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon

For my five previous 13.1-mile races, I’ve followed training plans, with high mileage, speedwork and interval runs. This time? None of the above. Yikes.

Fitness Travel Tips

Travel does present a few challenges when it comes to keeping up your fitness. So, here are some of my tips and tricks for staying in shape on the road.

Fit Tip Friday: National Dance Day

You don’t have to be a great dancer to enjoy getting your groove on. These three tutorials will help you celebrate National Dance Day in style!

Full Hearts and Hugs at Fitbloggin’

It’s the clique-free conference that inspires, reinvigorates and teaches me year after year. Fitbloggin’, you have my heart. And my hugs.