Up and Down and Up and Down

It was the hilliest and most beautiful half marathon I’ve ever done (and wait until you see the post-race brunch). Plus, a review of the SunTaker products and some updates on other up/down/up/down moments I’ve recently experienced.

How NOT to Train for a Half Marathon

For my five previous 13.1-mile races, I’ve followed training plans, with high mileage, speedwork and interval runs. This time? None of the above. Yikes.

Iron Girl Half Marathon: Hellish Hills

10 Things I am now in possession of: A new Half Marathon PR (2:01:48) A new medal A blister the size of Brazil on the ball of my left foot A toenail on my left foot that may not survive the night A nagging pain in my left knee that may be related to #3 […]

Ready or Not, Here I Run

Thank you so, so very much for your kind words about my 5-year wedding anniversary. It was such a deliciously wonderful experience to look back at that day — from the single tear I had to wipe away when I first saw Lucas to the hysterical shots of my parents movin’ and groovin’ on the […]

I am an Iron Girl (Or Will Be Soon!)

It started so innocently — I decided to come clean with my bi-polar relationship with running. I figured…well, now it’s out there and the pressure is off. Then came this sweet but oh-so-devious email: I came across your blog this afternoon and haven’t been doing anything but reading posts since I got there. There are […]

Winter Park Road Race (Distance Dare)

(P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY BROTHER!) Can you say Dom-Dom-Dom-Dom…DOMS? Yes, I have serious Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after a blisteringly fast (for me) double distance race on Saturday (followed by 90 minutes of Dance Trance). And I couldn’t be happier. (Bad iPhone photo) I signed up for this race: because it offered a […]

Half Marathon Training: Embracing Intervals

There’s this funny moment in the Plyometrics workout of P90X (see my review here) where Tony Horton is leading the group in air-born Heisman moves and he says “STOP…and then GO.” It always gives me the giggles, because it’s such a weird thing to say in the middle of a workout. But this week, I […]

My Half Marathon Training Plan

(I’m doing quite a bit of blog tweaking, especially on the main index page of http://katywidrick.com. Excuse the dust, and click through if you’d like to see some of the changes in action! I’m trying to create a better experience for someone who is just coming to my website, so they’re not overwhelmed by three […]