Just Keep Swimming. And Biking. And Running.

QUICK DISCLOSURE: this is a review of the Iron Girl sprint triathlon in Clermont, Florida. I was given a free entry because a) I have worked with Iron Girl before b) happen to be good friends with one of the marketing team members and c) I agreed to help promote the race before it started. […]

Letting Goals Go

I am so excited for my friends. Meghann (@mealsandmiles), Kelly (@BNeathItAll) and Ben (@shirtlessben) — the Anderson trio — are competing in the Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman today. At one point, I’d hoped to race with them. I even joined the crew for a few training swims. I made noises about committing to training; researched […]

Stay Strong. Be Bold. Keep Moving.

How did this phrase impact this weekend’s race? How did my full-time job help lead me to the sport of triathlon? And why did I feel such a special connection with this woman? Check out my new post for Growing Bolder TV (“We’re Better When We TRI Together“).  

Swim, Bike, Ruh-Ro

EDITED: Splits are now in! Alternate titles for this post: Was that a Bee or a Bullet? How Much Jank Can Come Out of One Person’s Nose? Bored on the Bike Cycling Makes My Hoo-Hah Hurt Imagine if I Had Trained! Banana Gels Makes for Banana Burps But honestly, you probably can’t take any of […]

Triathlon Training: Why ANYONE Can Tri and Succeed

I’m a triathlete. Do you feel the pride in those words? I earned ’em. And I throw them around whenever possible. I mean, how many people in the world can say they’ve completed this trifecta (ha) of sports? (OK, recently? Meghann, Caitlin, Ashley, Kelly, Megan, Steve, Michelle, Shosh, Frayed Layes and a few more!) But […]

Triathlon Glory

Looks like a lot of you are meeting me for the first time after reading Caitlin’s triathlon recap! That probably means you’re as proud of her as I am. A brief backstory (because you can read more about me here here and here) — I was once an unfit, unhappy, unhealthy girl. Then I started […]

I'm an Olympic Athlete

Well, sort of…Why? I FINISHED MY FIRST OLYMPIC DISTANCE TRIATHLON! And, I must say… I rocked it. Read ’em and weep. I did. Swim: 0:30:00.566 T0: 0:02:10.608 T1: 0:01:57.140 Bike: 1:15:59.951 T2: 0:01:20.643 Run: 0:51:00.745 Finish: 2:42:29.653 I came in 7th for my age group — and truly feel I gave it everything I had. […]

Triathlon, I Just Can't Quit You

Need a good cry? Just watch any triathlon — sprint, Olympic, Ironman — either in person or on TV, and I promise … you’ll be weeping for hours. I have been cleaning out the DVR (Lucas and I did a Top Chef Masters marathon last night and we’re still not done!) and this morning, after […]