My Very Own Lemonade Stand

NOTE: What a week, huh? I think Jezebel summed it up best. I know that a few days after the bombings in Boston, I said I was moving forward. But until Friday night, when good beat bad and my beloved hometown emerged from lockdown, I don’t know that I truly could. This is the start […]

5 Tips for Content Integration

(I’m really excited to offer you this guest post from my friend Alyssa of FunFitFashionable, because it’s a rundown of what works for her — and may work for you — when it comes to a checklist for making sure your work gets seen. Take a look, leave Alyssa a comment and be sure to […]

10 Tips for Growing Your Blog (a ProBlogger Book Review)

One of my very favorite websites for blogging, social media and making money from it all is ProBlogger. I even bought all of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook but haven’t yet found the time to read it. Oops. So thank goodness Tamara offered to share with my readers this review of […]

Workout Wednesday: David Kirsch

My days are all about making fitness a ritual — they were before baby, and they certainly are today. I’m thrilled to offer thi guest post from fitness ROCK STAR David Kirsch that is focused on working wellness into every day. Making Fitness and Wellness a Ritual By David Kirsch For the busy woman and […]

Guest Post: I Wear Your Shirt’s Jason Sadler

A while back, I was an invited guest at a social media event (moi? I know!) and, not for the first time, found myself surrounded by people much smarter, more successful and clever than I. In fact, I probably blew my VIP status when I eagerly raised my hand at the luncheon’s keynote event to […]

Why I Almost Closed Comments Part II

I had a post all ready to go for today on making sure you own your name on all the big networks BUT I’ve pushed that to Saturday for the following reasons: I seem to have struck a nerve when it comes to the topic of comments — should I leave them open or close […]

Tumblr, Posterous and Microblogging

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in the social media and blogging world about micro-blogging platforms and whether they are better than, worse than or good alternatives to traditional blogging platforms. First, a definition…then, a GREAT guest post from Theodora (!/tblanchfield ; about how she and others use Tumblr, one of the most […]

Social Media: I’m a Believer

Note: I love all things social media — especially because of the friendships (blendships?) and connections I’ve been able to make. One person I’m so thrilled to know is Cynthia, so when she offered to write a guest post about her love of social media, I jumped at the chance! Please take a moment to […]