Step Away From the Scale

Lessons learned in stepping back on the scale — then immediately jumping off. Plus, a PRO Compression socks/sleeves giveaway!

Fitness IS My Hobby

Do the things you love. Don’t do the things you don’t love. Embrace the word NO. Pursue your passions.

Here’s a Bright IDEA

This week, I’m hanging out with some of the most inspirational and interesting fitness instructors and health experts at the IDEA World Blogfest.

Wear the White Hat

Life presents us with difficult choices and sometimes wrong/right, black/white is not so obvious. This phrase helps me and I hope it does the same for you.

Spring Clean Your Blog in Ten Steps

I’m fairly good at making sure that my site is free of extraneous crap, but I’m not immune to put-all-the-things-in-my-sidebar-itis, or the dreaded dated About Page phenomenon. So I’m taking some time to audit everything, and to get rid of any content that no longer works or fits my blog.

Proud to Be a Mamalete

I’m proud to be a Mamalete because my daughter Audrey is now old enough to mimic and learn and she’ll grow up seeing a mom who moves and sweats and honors her body.

In Through Your Nose, Out Through Your Nose

Breathe in through your nose. Breathe out through your nose. And repeat as needed. How Ujjayi breathing and pranayama can help you de-stress even when you’re not on the yoga mat (it works for me!). #yoga #meditation

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Fit Move Friday: Single Leg Lift With Alternating Window Washers

This is a fun, body weight-only exercise that you can do in just two minutes, while watching TV, waiting for dinner to cook, or right before bed (and while there are modifications, you’ll see that it’s pretty tough — I’m out of breath after just three minutes of demonstration!).