Blogging as a Business: Where to Find Opportunities

If you started a blog to make money…good luck. You can do it, and can sometimes make enough to quit other jobs and live off the blogging income alone. But for most of us, blogging is at best a part-time job (and many don’t make any money at all — it can be a great […]

Finding and Working With Blog Sponsors III

Fun fact: if you google “Working With Sponsors,” two of my posts are on the first page of returns: Finding and Working With Blog Sponsors Finding and Working With Blog Sponsors II So, how about Part 3? This one is simple and yet, I find people emailing me about it all.the.time. It’s great when sponsors […]

Comment on Blogs THROUGH Google Reader

‘Tis the season for gifts, and this is one that has been on my please-Santa-I-have-been-SUCH-a-good-blogging-girl list for a long time. I love Google Reader. As evidenced by: How to Make it Into My Reader Subscribing to and Organizing Blogs Reading More Blogs Make it Easy for Readers to Subscribe Clear the Google Reader Clutter But […]

New Tool Tuesday: Back It Up, Back It Up…You Got It, You Got It

I try and give as much solid advice to my readers as I can. I tell you about the latest plugins and widgets to make your blog shiny and fun. I help you create media kits and join ad networks. I even talk about fitness every once in a while. But the… …is that […]

Buffer Just Got Better (And It Was Already Awesome)

At this point, I feel like a spokesperson for Buffer. This is post #3 on the topic — and usually I only save repeats for sharing my love of frozen yogurt, Nora Roberts books and ohmygoodnessyes my addition to Twitter. (Do you follow me? I’m @kwidrick…) In case you missed it: New Tool Tuesday: Buffer […]

Analytics: Bounce Rates

You may want to catch up before reading this post: Analytics Part I: Tips and Tricks Analytics Part II: Who, What, When, Where Analytics Part III: Why Subscriptions Don’t Really Count It’s no secret that I love analytics. But what’s really fun is trying to tell a story through analytics. How do people find you, […]

Buffer Part 2: Analytics

It’s official: I still love Buffer. I first introduced you to the scheduling app in a New Tool Tuesday feature, but those were just some of the basics. Take a look at the power of scheduled tweets — amazing impressions and analytics! These are some of the tweets that I scheduled through Buffer last week: […]