I Don’t Know But I’ll Find Out

I Don't Know But I'll Find Out

They are the seven words — OK, nine if you don’t count contractions — that can help you stand out as an expert on the Web and in real life.

So Pinteresting

It's a Pin It Party! Pick Five Pinnable Posts and Share Them With the Community

Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? I love love LOVE bookmarking cool things from across the Web (although like many of you, I sometimes pin things that I’ll never actually get to doing). So when I saw that Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean was having another “Pin It Party,” I decided to jump right in!

Finding Friends Through Social Media

Finding Friends Pinnable

Finding “blends,” or blog friends, can seem challenging but with a few quick tips, you’ll build some great communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Design Your Media Kit Using Microsoft Word

pinable how to create a media kit in MW

I am so, SO excited to share this guest post with you today. It comes from my friend Kayla, who first came to me as a blog consulting client…but has quickly become one of my biggest inspirations. One of the tasks I gave her was to create a media kit, and I shared some of [...]

I Want to Help You Help Me Help You


I love helping people fix issues with their websites, but it often takes a while to dig into the problem. Here are four things you can include from the start to save some time.

How to Learn From the Philly Food Blogger Uproar

By now, you’ve heard about the Philadelphia food blogger who wrote an exclamation point-filled email to several restaurants offering them an “exciting opportunity” to be a “host restaurant” for a “VERY innovative and effective way” to promote their establishments, on a “first come, first serve” basis. There is SO SO SO MUCH BAD here that it would be easy to write off all bloggers as moochers…but I think there is a lesson to be learned, if you can just get through the aforementioned SO SO SO MUCH BAD.

Finding and Working With Blog Sponsors III: Paperwork


A common question I get is: “Once I book a client or campaign, how do I invoice/report/settle up?” Here are some of the key things to keep in mind to not only be a good partner on one project, but to develop a good reputation (because a lot of these projects come from agencies that oversee multiple brands!) and get more and more jobs.