Design Your Media Kit Using Microsoft Word

pinable how to create a media kit in MW

I am so, SO excited to share this guest post with you today. It comes from my friend Kayla, who first came to me as a blog consulting client…but has quickly become one of my biggest inspirations. One of the tasks I gave her was to create a media kit, and I shared some of [...]

I Want to Help You Help Me Help You


I love helping people fix issues with their websites, but it often takes a while to dig into the problem. Here are four things you can include from the start to save some time.

Finding and Working With Blog Sponsors III: Paperwork


A common question I get is: “Once I book a client or campaign, how do I invoice/report/settle up?” Here are some of the key things to keep in mind to not only be a good partner on one project, but to develop a good reputation (because a lot of these projects come from agencies that oversee multiple brands!) and get more and more jobs.

#Octoblog Goals

Hey…are you taking part in the #Octoblog Challenge? I’m really excited, especially after speaking at the incredible Florida Social Media and Blogging Conference. After my presentation (slides available here) I got to sit in on the other speakers who got my blogging juices flowing. (I love my fellow planning team members!) I am not quite [...]

Join the Octoblog Challenge!

More Beautiful Blog

Back in February, the shortest month of the year, I challenged you to make your blog better in just 28 days. And darn if you guys didn’t impress me. From updated headers and social links to new RSS feeds and more, you made the blog world a better place. Now it’s time to do it [...]

I’ma B, I’ma B, I’ma I’ma I’ma B

Oral-B Deep Sweep

(DISCLOSURE: this post is part of a compensated project I’m doing with Oral-B and the WOW Experiment. I was provided the product and compensated for this review, but the opinions shared here are 100% honest and absolutely my own. PLEASE SEE MY DISCLOSURE POLICY FOR MORE.) I tease my husband all the time about his near-obsessive routines [...]

To Be Rereadable

I won’t claim to have been an Elmore Leonard fan, because I never read any of his books (I did watch the first season of “Justified,” which comes from one of his short novels). But after listening to a fascinating report on his life and death, done by NPR, I’m sort of dying to try [...]

Do I Have to Disclose If…


Do you need to tell your readers when you got free product or something in a swag bag? What if you’re posting about something else and happen to mention a freebie? Here are the things you need to know about the do’s and don’ts from the FTC.

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