You Oughta Know: Facebook’s “Other” Folder

This is just a quick tip but I share because everyone I’ve talked about it to has responded with… “OOOOOOOHHHHHH I didn’t know I had that folder!” or “Oh my gosh, I have 15 messages that I never saw!” Did you know that Facebook has an “other” folder where messages go to die? In theory, […]

Facebook Stalkers, Beware: Clear Your Searches!

I’m always a bit skeptical when I hear people bitching about Facebook or offering conspiracy theories on how this “evil” company is using our information (see “You Oughta Know: Facebook and Your Copyright“) but in this case, I’m about to advocate being very vigilant about one feature. Your Activity Log. Ask yourself this…would you be […]

You Oughta Know: Facebook and Your Copyright

When you join a social networking website — remember that the key word is social. You don’t go onto a blog, Facebook or Twitter to keep information to yourself. You go onto those sites to share thoughts, photos, links and more. Don’t want anyone to see or be able to use — legally or otherwise — […]

Never Miss an Update From Your Favorite Facebook Pages

Best. News. EVAAAAAAAA! It is now super easy to make sure you’re notified about updates that your favorite pages make, which I honestly think is a long overdue tool. Two tools, to be exact. (Especially since I, ahem, “like” several hundred pages. And that’s after a major purge a few months ago.) Not only is […]

New Tool Tuesday: Facebook Pages Manager App

HALLELUJAH. That’s what I said two weeks ago when I got the little notification on Facebook’s mobile app that a new Pages Manager was available for download in the iTunes store. I have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for this, to be able to better manage my Facebook pages from my phone. (Yeah, I have […]

You Oughta Know: Facebook Apps

I am sick to death of seeing my name pop up in Facebook updates like this: a) I never read the “Pharmageddon” or “Cohabitation” articles. Friends of mine did, but it sure looks like I was browsing those headlines. b) I did watch “Slow Jam the News” but it was days before. And I never […]

You Oughta Know: Facebook URLs

With so many people on Facebook, most of us spend a ton of time on the social networking site, connecting with friends and family, running business pages, setting up advertising and more. But I’ve found that a lot of people don’t take advantage of one of the most basic tools that Facebook offers: vanity URLs. […]

Finding Friends Through Social Media

I’m really excited to present my latest online presentation — “Finding Friends Through Social Media.” It’s designed to be a broad overview of some of the ways to find people, make friendships, keep friendships and a few best practices on safety and not being, you know…that guy. Attune Foods sponsored this video, and I hope […]

When to Draw the Line

I had a really interesting conversation with a Facebook friend on Wednesday. It stemmed from this status update that I put up: 22 of my friends are subscribed to Ann Curry’s status updates which makes me want to unsubscribe from THEM. Like, in real life. #scrooge I was joking (sort of) but it spawned a […]