Tweetchat (As We Know It) Shuts Down: What Do Twitter Chat Hosts Do?

One of the major reasons that I shut #Fitblog down last week rather than letting it run through 2013 was the news that Twitter was making major API changes that would result in many of our favorite tools — including — to shut down. And this week, it happened. Well, it kind of happened. […]

Finding Friends Through Social Media

I’m really excited to present my latest online presentation — “Finding Friends Through Social Media.” It’s designed to be a broad overview of some of the ways to find people, make friendships, keep friendships and a few best practices on safety and not being, you know…that guy. Attune Foods sponsored this video, and I hope […]

Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk

I joked the other day that MomJovi needed to hire me as her bitch — because she’s just too darn nice. The conversation stemmed from her decision to graciously go through one of those unending phone surveys… I listened to her say, “I’d give it an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I’d […]

Buffer Part 2: Analytics

It’s official: I still love Buffer. I first introduced you to the scheduling app in a New Tool Tuesday feature, but those were just some of the basics. Take a look at the power of scheduled tweets — amazing impressions and analytics! These are some of the tweets that I scheduled through Buffer last week: […]

Hashtag Gone Hilariously Wrong

I had a great (and exhausting) time at the Internet Technology Summit on Wednesday — I was thrilled to host/emcee the event on behalf of Growing Bolder, especially because it gave me a chance to meet some amazing people like: I learned a lot about what goes into putting on an event of this size […]

New Tool Tuesday: Buffer for Tweets

I’m NOT a fan of automating very much in social media — after all, the word social is in there for a reason. But I do like tools that help augment and magnify good content, and that’s why I am loving a new (to me) tool called Buffer. With Buffer, you can schedule tweets to […]

Twitter’s Newest Tools: Galleries

I hardly ever go to I love Tweetdeck for daily interactions, find the #Fitblog and Tweetchat websites to do great work in filtering chats and hashtags and only resort to Twitter’s own website when I absolutely have to. And I’m not alone. Twitter knows that most people prefer the experience on third party apps, […]

Webinar: No Bullsh*t Social Media

Small note: Hundreds of you have already helped me by filling out the Blogger Money survey — and I appreciate it! I’m using the information in my upcoming Healthy Living Summit presentation and want it to reflect as many of you as possible. So if you have not taken it yet, please give me just […]

Hashtag Etiquette

I tweet. A lot. (In case you’re not following me yet, I’m @kwidrick and @growingbolder and also sometimes @fitblogchats.) I know that for some people, especially those who follow a relatively small number of people. my tweets can be overwhelming and sometimes annoying. And a few weeks ago, I got an email from someone who […]

How to Make Your Boss “Get” Social Media

The best part of social media is that it can be embraced and enabled for little to no financial cost — but that same trait also makes it difficult to measure. (This is where I’ll drop the term Return on Investment which I love and hate.) You see, I get emails every week from people […]