A Day in My Life (Right Now)

I didn’t realize until after I hit publish on my last post that it was my 1,000th written since I launched a tiny little site called Silly Tater Tot nearly six years ago (!!!). In it, I invited you to “Meet Me” and the me was a 27-year-old newlywed with no kids, a new job at a little company called Growing Bolder and I didn’t really know where this website would take me.

My life sure has changed in some big ways since that first post, but it’s stayed the same in others. So I thought I’d take you along on a fairly typical day in my life…as it is right now. It may seem the height of narcissism but I always love seeing how others fill their days, so I hope you enjoy my little behind-the-scenes tour.


The alarm goes off at 5:10 and although I’m typically a morning person, I am definitely tempted to hit snooze. But I have a triathlon this weekend and have not had a swim workout in, oh, a year and a half, so I drag myself out of bed and get ready for the gym. Usually my husband can sleep in a bit more but he has to leave early for work, so I nudge him and make sure he knows it’s time to get up.


I get to the pool only to realize that I forgot my goggles. (This is why I need to start packing my gym bag at night.) Give some thought to just bailing on the workout but don’t, and instead commit to 500 yards without the goggles. I jump in, swim for 600 yards, mentally pat myself on the back then jump in the gym’s hot tub. Shower and head home. Normally I’d stay longer and do a weights session or a spin class but I have to get home so Lucas can leave.

I walk in and immediately know there’s been trouble — a giggly, bouncy baby is playing in the living room…an hour before she’s supposed to be awake. I have to smile, though, because she’s just so darn cute. Normally, I nurse after I get ready but she’s been up for a while so I settle in to feed her.

She’s done quickly and only wants one side (I think she may wean sooner than I’d like and that is hard) so I run upstairs to get dressed — super casual today, because I don’t have time for anything fancier than jeans and a bun — then run back downstairs for coffee. I say goodbye to Lucas, get the baby busy with some toys, then get out the dreaded breast pump and pump the side Audrey didn’t nurse from. I’ll use that milk for the next day’s daycare lunch.


While Audrey is playing — and because she gets bored easily, I move her from one location to another to buy myself some time — I quickly get her lunch and snacks ready (today: a big bottle of breast milk and some leftover risotto from the night before) and also throw some lunch in a bag for myself.


I’m actually ahead of schedule, so I take a few minutes to play with the baby. I love watching her discover how to use things — she opens doors and shakes rattles and hands things to me. She is getting fussy, though, so I decide to put her in her high chair with a cup of water while I finish making myself breakfast.


Today: a smoothie with almond milk, fruit, spinach and a big dollop of almond butter (I normally use protein powder but we’re out). With 10 minutes before we have to leave, I tidy up the playroom and make a mental note to sweep the floors later that night.

We hit the road — Audrey goes to daycare and I make my short commute to work. I’m one of the first ones in the office so I take a few minutes to clean up my area (I hate clutter) and make a to-do list for the day. My colleagues come in and after we catch up, I dive into the big task of the day: working on rundowns for our daily television show.



After an editorial meeting to talk about the next issue of our Magazine, it’s lunch time. I used to love walking or running errands on my break but I just don’t have the time these days. I try to catch up on some blogs but get an email that I have to make a major change in that afternoon’s show, so I get back to work and try to solve the crisis.


It’s time to head across the street to our television studio and I think about walking…until I feel the rain drops starting to fall down. I resign myself to driving over and circling the parking lot for an open spot. I get lucky — I only have to loop the lot twice — and then rush in to the madhouse.


Despite some minor crises (typical), the show goes well and I am able to leave right after we’re done. Sometimes I have to stay later but when I can, I like to try and go pick the baby up and play with her for a while before she goes down for a nap.

That plan is foiled when I arrive at her daycare and find out that she hasn’t taken a nap all day. The child got up at 5:30 and hasn’t slept in 12 hours. Yikes.


She’s surprisingly happy but is clearly teething — so I take her home and put her down in her crib. She’s asleep before I leave the room.


This is when I got into rush mode (not like the rest of the day was calm, but I thrive on craziness and multi-tasking). I have my second dreaded pump of the day, followed by my least favorite chore: washing bottles.


Because Lucas is working late (poor guy…he had a long day), I decide to make things easy on myself and pop in a frozen pizza for dinner. I dress a couple of pieces up with some avocado, eat them with joy (PIZZA!!!), gulp down a HUGE glass of water and put the rest of the meal away for tomorrow’s lunch.


The baby is still sleeping, so I take advantage of the free time and decide to try out my friend Gina’s new Soli Beat dance fitness DVD, which I bought on pre-order.


It’s awesome. I text her because I’m oozing pride over her hard work.


(Gina and I used to dance together when she lived in Orlando and so I’ve seen her sweet moves in person. She’s legit.)

After the workout, I turn on my guilty pleasure — TMZ TV — and do a few more chores while I watch/listen. I clean the kitchen and I sweep the downstairs floors and am just finishing up giving the animals their dinner when I hear the baby waking up.

And she’s not happy. Poor thing breaks my heart with her crying, and as soon as I pick her up, I hear “mama mama mama mama” and I just lose it. We cry together for a moment or two, cursing her darned teeth, then I change her diaper and bring her downstairs for dinner.


She calms down a little bit when I offer her some vegetables and mango, but wants nothing to do with her yogurt. So, we snuggle for a few minutes (she plays with my hair and I fall even more deeply in love with her…this kid is my world…) and then I offer to nurse her. She takes both sides and I can tell it’s for comfort as much as anything — so I let her linger. Once she’s done, we go upstairs for pajama time and then we read a book together before I put her down for night-night. She gets kisses and hugs and then I walk out.

She’s OUT. I think she’s really uncomfortable with teething and her lack of nap, so I’m glad she finds some peace.

I head downstairs and get out my computer. I really do try to disconnect when I can but tonight is a night where I have to do some work. I have emails for my job, some big projects to work on for the blog (stay tuned!), a webinar to record and more. It’s all stuff that I love to do, so it’s not really a chore, but I decide to make it even more tolerable with a giant glass of red wine and NCIS in the background.


And that brings us to right now! I’ll most likely head to bed around 10:30 and if I can keep myself awake, I’ll try and read a chapter or two on my Kindle (I love reading and I find it settles my racing mind before bed). Lucas won’t be home until after I’m asleep, which sucks, but it’s rare. The alarm is set for tomorrow and we’ll do it all over again!

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  1. says

    Kinda funny – I have a post like this almost ready to go for tomorrow. I was going to post it tonight, but today really hasn’t gone as planned, lol.

    Sorry that A’s teeth are bothering her! Hopefully this will pass soon. Oh, and my kids also went through a phase around 1 when they were less interesting in nursing and then they started up again. It could just be the teething that’s throwing things off!

  2. says

    that exhausts me reading that. there was a recent article about how working women are falling apart. I’m not sure why or how women work full-time and do baby stuff. It’s amazing to me. get that it’s a money thing for most couples and for women they love working, but the balance factor of only sleeping seven hours a night on average, tending to a baby, cleaning, cooking, and training for a Tri…would do my head in. Or maybe I’m just a wimp…that could be it. http://www.today.com/moms/brink-many-working-moms-falling-apart-author-says-4B11184706

  3. says

    Thanks so much for this post! I love “A Day In The Life” posts! Just a quick question for you about your little one’s naps, since I a struggling with my little guy’s nap/bedtime schedule. What times does your baby usually nap and go to bed? From the post it sounds late, even when she doesn’t skip a nap at daycare and then bedtime comes not too long after. The reason I ask is my guy is down to one nap a day at 19 months BUT he often “fights” his nap and so it ends up being really late and then he ends up sleeping late. Then I feel like his bedtime should be late too since he hasn’t been awake for very long but by some point in the evening I start getting exhausted! I never know if I should wake him up early from his nap (which I hate to do because then he gets mad!) or what? Or if I should just try for a consistent bedtime no matter what time his nap is. So confusing! I guess it doesn’t really matter because his baby sister will be coming along in a few weeks and I know our schedule will be thrown totally off! Just looking for another mom’s perspective!

    • says

      She’s typically down for good at 8 p.m., no matter what her nap (or lack of) schedule was that day. Some nights it really stinks because she’ll come home and sleep from 5-7, wake up to eat and get a bath, then she’s right back to sleep. Her naps at school are usually from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (she has a snack at 9 and lunch at 10:30, then another snack around 2). If she sleeps the whole time, she usually comes home and naps from 5-6, then I have a couple of hours with her before she goes back to bed.

      I only wake Audrey up from her nightime nap if I have to (and there have been nights where I have woken her, given her a little bit of food, nursed and had her back in bed within 30 minutes) and, knock on wood, even if she’s just napped, she usually goes right to sleep and stays asleep through the night.

      I’d try to have the same bedtime every night, regardless of naps. And while other moms I talk to put their kids down around 7 or 7:30, 8 p.m. has just been the time that she naturally starts rubbing her eyes and looking for a pacifier.


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