#Fitblog Chat

#Fitblog Chat on Twitter:

  • Who
    • Absolutely anyone who wants to take part. The chat is focused on fitness, health, hot topics and more, but may also include tips on social media, search engine optimization, monetization of blogs, etc. It’s YOUR chat, and it is only as good as the people who join in.
    • If you have a blog, great. If you don’t, great. The only requirement to take part is a Twitter account.
    • I moderate from my Twitter handle: @kwidrick. A different moderator takes the reins every week! Follow me to be sure you see the topics, and also follow the #fitblog hashtag through the week for updates and reminders. I will tweet about the moderator each week so you know who to follow.
    • You can follow the Twitter list of #Fitblog participants here.
  • What
    • A 60-minute chat, moderated (lightly) by me and possibly others/guest moderators. The topics are timely — headlines, new studies, controversial news, etc. — and fun. This is a debate, but a friendly one. Participants will be encouraged to be honest, open and ask questions.
    • In order to keep things moving, the moderator will lay out the official questions, which participants can answer, follow up on, RT other answers, etc. You can expect between 3-6 topics during the hour-long chat.
  • When
    • Tuesday, 9 p.m. eastern time.
  • Where
    • The chat happens live on Twitter, and you can jump in at any time during the hour. Just log into your Twitter account and then use any of these options:
      • If you’re on the Web version: go to http://search.twitter.com and type in #fitblog. Only tweets that include that hashtag will appear. You may have to refresh the page to get new results.
      • If you’re on Tweetdeck, start a column for #fitblog. Only tweets that include that hashtag will appear. You can customize your Tweetdeck view to your liking.
      • If you ONLY want to see the tweets that include #fitblog, log into http://tweetchat.com. When prompted, type in #fitblog and you’ll only see tweets that include that hashtag. You can pause, change the speed, highlight featured users, etc. You can also RT and reply from Tweetchat.
      • Similar to Tweetdeck, you can use http://tweetgrid.com to set up a filter for #fitblog.
  • Why
    • You’ll meet and network with new people who share your interests, and connect with familiar faces.
    • We’re all talking about these topics on our blogs, but we’re not talking WITH each other. This is a chance to debate, follow up, answer questions and solve all the world’s problems. Hey, three out of four ain’t bad!

But Katy, I love the concept and can’t be my computer at 9pmET on Tuesday (ahem, “Lost,” ahem “Biggest Loser”)!

Here’s the beauty of the #fitblog hashtag — you can use it all week long to share blog posts, headlines, announcements and more with people who share your interest in a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great way to narrow the big Twitter world down to one smaller stream of information that you actually care about. So if you can’t join us for the chat, I invite you to use the hashtag through the week with timely and interesting topics. Then, we can all search during the week and find new friends, RT, get links, etc.

Ready to spread the word? Here are some badges to use on your blogs and Web sites:

**I had some HTML here so you could copy and paste into your site, but unfortunately, WordPress is changing the code and it’s breaking on some sites. I’m working on it, but for now, I’ve linked to .txt files with the code that you should be able to copy and paste.