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Super is right. The perfect combo.

I'm addicted.

You know what’s cool about social media? Posting a question on Twitter to the guru of all things Google Analytics — Mr. Avinash Kaushik of Occam’s Razor — and having him respond by DM immediately, followed by a personalized and thorough email. Avinash gave me some great tips on understanding analytics even more, especially when it comes to your questions about feed readers, keywords and different plugins (see “Analytics Part II: Who, What, When, Where“).

I’ll be posting Part III in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, and please let me know what other questions I can help answer — that’s what my “Ask Me” page is for!

Five For Friday time!

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Along with the individuals listed below, make sure you use The Big Follow at this link: to follow all of this week’s #Fitblog participants!

1. @JackSht the fabulous, funny blogger (and moderator of this past week’s #fitblog) who makes healthy living a little less serious and stressful

2. @amerrylife who will ROCK her very first triathlon this Sunday!

3. @fabulous_april who ran her very first mile ever this week!

4. @singingrunner23 she will smash the Iron Girl Clearwater event with me in April and is super fun to tweet with

5. @gettinfitbritt love seeing her avatar in my tweetstream :)


Brother Pillow

1. Snuggle

Bandana buddies

2. Bandana buddies

Emergency in-car gym kit

3. Emergency stash for post-gym commutes

Fully loaded

4. Fully loaded, please


5. I totes went back and bought them

Funny Terms People Searched and Found My Blog

1. dance trance katy widrick (led to “Get Your Sexy On“)

2. gap curvy pants (led to “Size is Just a Number and I’m a Twoelve“)

3. cooking light pumpkin beer bread (led to “Vegan Bulgur Pumpkin Beer Bread“)

4. eating animals foer factory farming (led to “Eating Animals: a Book Review“)

5. i run so i can eat headband (led to “Bondi Band Giveaway“)

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  1. says

    I’m so torn over the “two space rule” in writing. I was taught many years ago that two spaces were required. It’s so ingrained that I do it without thinking. I’m interested in exploring this one further. I’ve heard people say one is the rule, but then I hear others saying increased white space increases readability.

  2. Mari says

    Thanks for sharing these! Just what I needed to get me through the last hours of work on Friday.

    I especially found the article about the two space rule interesting, I mean I have never even heard about this controversy. (OK maybe a bit too strong a word…)

    I wonder if this is something that has not carried over to Europe? It could of course be that I am just really bad at taking notice of things…

  3. says

    The two space rule thing is really buzzing lately. I learned when we first learned typing in 6th grade but by college we were already being told not to use it anymore. It amuses me to see how much controversy it has created.

  4. says

    HAH! I love that you put the funny searches that led people to your blog! I laugh at mine all the time! There’s some good ones! :)
    I’m a photography dork & really love that first pic of the pepsi machine, it’s rad. I love simple stuff that just looks awesome.
    Thanks for cheering me up today, you’re tooooooo kind!!

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