Five for Friday

What a week it’s been! I learned so much from the discussions about comments (see links below) that I have committed to commenting on at least 10 blog posts a day. Do you think you can do the same?

I also wanted to give you all a brief update on my ongoing strife over the Focus Rally: America auditions and the final casting. If you’re just catching up, see:

and work backwards. In a nutshell, I auditioned for and was a finalist for Ford’s online reality show, but was frustrated (as were many, many others) by the lack of communication from Ford and the casting directors.

For the first time, Ford (via Scott Monty, whom I respect a lot) has acknowledged that things did not go perfectly and that we should been notified a month earlier than we were. His full response is here: and the part that spoke to me the most was:

We understand the consternation of Rachel, Ashley, Katy, Justice and others who did not receive a firm “yes” or “no” regarding their application to join the Focus Rally: America interactive reality show. In discussing this issue with the team, we’re frustrated as well, as we believed that emails were sent by late December to all of those who were not selected as contestants for the Rally, and to invite them to join as a “virtual team member” to have a chance to potentially participate in the Rally Challenges onsite that would qualify them to win one of eight new Focuses being given away to those playing along from home.

Whether it was a spam filter or some other issue (the team is investigating what happened) we apologize that you didn’t receive a personal response.

Am I satisfied? Nope. There were only a few finalists — and given the fact that we all jumped through hoops to audition and build momentum for the project, I think we were owed phone calls. I also think that this could have been — no, should have been — stated much earlier, when we all started crying foul. But I appreciate and respect the fact that while it’s too little and a little late, there is some understanding about why we were so disappointed.

Five For Friday time!

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A tip for those of you who take part in Twitter’s #FF — use the “favorite” button through the week to mark tweets that make you think, smile or just pique your interest. Then revisit that list so you have some good people to feature!

1. @LifeAfterBagels

Not only did she moderate the heck out of #Fitblog this week, she wrote a post that I returned to three times (see #3 above)…and I’m still not sure where I stand. The girl made me think and that alone would be enough reason to follow her.

2. @jennkrenn

Beautiful soul…wonderful blend (blogging friend)…gentle and supportive. And seriously passionate. She inspires me and I know she’ll inspire you.

3. @CarrieWChildren

A stay-at-home-mom who is funny, smart, witty and lots of fun to “talk” to!

4. @jenn_if_er

My sister in glitter nail polish. Despite the fact that she’s a Cowboys fan, she’s cool with me.

5. @katylove

IRL friend. Wonderful woman. Makes me want to run and eat cookies. At the same time.



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  1. says

    YES YES YES on the “I’m not a social media expert” link. I HATE HATE HATE the “social media gurus” on Twitter and LinkedIn who consider themselves experts because they have a lot of followers and/or tweet a bunch of Mashable links. With that said, there are definitely people out there like you and me who take time to try out new tools to see what does and doesn’t work and why–and especially awesome people like you who share your knowledge without being pedantic.

    • says

      Theodora —

      Somebody the other day jokingly told me “you’re kind of a big deal,” and I cringed! It was meant as a compliment, and I appreciated the sentiment, but I agree that the minute you think you are an expert or a guru of ANYTHING, you’re toast.

      I like to share stuff because I have fun figuring it out…and when I have an aha moment, especially with social media and technology, I figure it’s my duty to pass it on and save someone else a lot of stress.

    • says


      Thanks so much — it’s fascinating to watch it all unfold on Quora, because it turns out that there are a LOT of people who had the same experience that I did.

  2. Megan says

    Hi Katy! I saw your comment on meals and moves (about the tart yogurt) and had to click over to your blog! I like it :) BUT, the real reason I came over to visit is because I MUST know how you make your pinkberry tart yogurt! I am prego and craving it sooooo badly! Thanks so much :)

  3. says

    I love these posts because if there was something I missed I can always go back and look. You’re posts and the posts you share have taught me so many little things here and there that make me a better blogger and person :-)

  4. says

    that glitter nail polish is awesome. I don’t comment on here much, but had to leave one to say I really loved your comment posts this week.

  5. says

    Poor form for them to try to blame email spam issues or the like. Yes, they should have been on top of it and made phone calls.

    The glitter fingernails rock! At the moment I cannot paint my nails any shade, as it freaks out our bird. But I sure do love seeing other people’s fun and funky nails! :)

  6. says

    I try daily to comment on at least 5 of the blogs I am subscribed too. I think its a great idea! Sometimes I get a little perturbed with some bloggers who do not do the same. If someone is taking time to comment, isn’t it good behavior they do the same? Just a thought.

    Good post!

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