Five for Friday

This may be the greatest video ever made. And that includes ticklish kittens and dancing bananas (it’s peanut butter jelly tiiiiiime!).

I have to give a hat tip to Lucas, who pulled the video up after seeing it on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption. And I have to give a hat tip to the PGA and Farmers Insurance, for recognizing how funny this would be (and for donating $1,000 for every 100,000 views of the “Golf Boys” video to both Farmers and Ben Crane charitable initiatives in support of Farmers’ sponsorship of the Farmers Insurance Open.

My favorite is the guy in the red jumpsuit.



1. Confessions Part 3

2. Take the Leap (and Get Over Your Nerves)

3. Bloggers in Depth: Know Your Numbers

4. What’s in My Purse?

5. The Email That Made Me Jump for Joy


1. Interview With Katy Widrick (via She’s a Fit Chick) *I talk about how triathlon is a great sport even for busy people!

2. The Hashtag Economy (via Brian Solis)

3. How to Find Images For Your Blog Without Getting Sued (via JenFul)

4. The Best Blog Posting Schedule Ever (via The Sales Lion)

5. Voluminous Vanilla Ice Cream (via Chocolate-Covered Katie)



1. @nomorebacon the fabulous blogger and webinar-er (?) — you can learn all about Blog Design Best Practices by watching the latest #Fitblog Presentations video!

2. @jumpthedock anyone who lists the following in a Twitter bio — choose happiness and live life — is someone I want to know :)

3. @adventinmmsocks she just changed her About page thanks to some of the tips she read here. Rock on, girl!

4. @HLSummit and not just because I’m speaking here in August :)

5. @fitfluential and not just because I’ve just been selected as an ambassador!



New Lens Dogs072

1. Ugh. We need a tree trimmer.


2. You're never too old to play with toys.


3. Heeeeere, birdy birdy birdy birdy.

4. WANT. Spotted them on a fellow Dance Trancer.

Old Lens Dogs 028

5. So freaking cute.


1. boys judge by what they see girls judge by what they hear

2. response to being called melodramatic

3. wonton smores

4. i am doing weight training and eating heaps more

5. cake ideas for nkotb love

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