Five for Friday

Hi new readers! There sure are a lot of you this week — I’m assuming many of you found me through Meals and Miles and Peanut Butter Fingers.


A quick recap:

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1. A Little Birdie Told Me…

2. The Facebook Rule Most Bloggers are Breaking

3. Bloggers in Depth: Getting Social

4. How to Make Your Boss “Get” Social Media

5. Fitbloggers in the House



1. Dad, When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Fighter Pilot (via Fitnessista)

2. What I Wish More People Knew About Me (via Brass Tack Thinking)

3. How to Take an Ice Bath (via Sweat Once a Day)

4. On the Night You Were Born (via Crazy Running Legs)

5. I Know What My Niche is and it Only Took Me 4 Years to Figure it Out (via Scraps of My Geek Life)



1. @CookTrainEatRce who agrees with me that Food Network needs to create a plant-based food show.

2. @JesseBlue6 my gorgeous and talented cousin…

3. @workyourcloset another Orlando blogger who has an AWESOME fashion point of view!

4. @gettinfitbritt who is starting a fun new adventure in a fun new city!

5. @AMLemus my new pal (met during taping of the Swimmer Joe Show)



Full Sail IPA

1. Happy, tired husband


2. Happy, tired doggie

July 4th Weekend 022

3. Hey! There's a man in my tree!

4. Mmmmm plantains...

July 4th Weekend 118

5. Happy holiday sight




1. kady widrick

2. my transition to become a girl

3. the most unusual vegetarian celebrity

4. sorry I screw up everything images

5. i’m a man cake bacon

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  1. says

    Can I just say how much I love you and how you are always on top of things? :-) Also, I think you are the winner of my “Top starred posts in my Google Reader” because I always refer to your stuff! You rock, lady! Love your 5-for-Friday posts. I may have to steal the idea (bahahaha)

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