Five for Friday

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1. Google Search Tricks

2. #TGFA: Fun With Numbers

3. What I Wish You Knew About Me

4. Credit Where Credit is Due

5. Join Me in Svanasana, Won’t You? 



1. Ironman Lake Placid Race Report (via Sweat Once a Day)

2. Would You Let Your Daughter Marry a Blogger? (via The Top 10 Blog)

3. Finding My Happy Size (via Morningstar Project)

4. Would You Like to Buy a Monkey? (via The Bloggess)

5. TTS: What Insurance? (via MomJovi)




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1. I love ice cream...

CNY Trip Resized 288

2. That's a lot of beer!

CNY Trip Resized 281


CNY Trip Resized 117

4. Hmmmmm

5. Now I'm safe



1. giving up cable sports 2011

2. before and after photos from body pump

3. bridesmaids jason bateman

4. is it normal to take off your wedding band when you get mad at your spouse?

5. i don’t like counting how many times i chew my food

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  1. runtothekitchen says

    #4 on the search terms is great! Really makes you wonder about the person behind that search!

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