Five for Friday

What a week. We taped 13 episodes of Growing Bolder TV in a day and a half, shot an additional 60-minute documentary, promos, had a photo shoot and more.

It was amazing, as always, but I am flipping exhausted and ready for my PJs and some snuggle time with the pups. Just have to make it through the rest of today!

1. We Are One

2. What’s the Secret?

3. New Tool Tuesday: URL Shorteners

4. Sorry I’m Not Sorry

5. A Moment in Time

1. Change in Plans (via Sweat Once a Day)

2. Be a Force of Beauty (via Swim, Run, Om)

3. Hi, I’m Dr. Darlene and I lost 40lbs on the HCG Diet System (via Roni’s Weigh, and it’s a must read)

4. Why I Don’t Believe Your Excuses (via Losing Weight in the City)

5. 30 Days, 900 Very Ripe Bananas (via No Meat Athlete)


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1. Fro yo, how I love thee...

Big Salad_-2.jpg

2. Hugh Jass

Orange Juice-7.jpg

3. My version of an Orange Julius

NuNaturals 3

4. My stash was getting low!

Birchbox 23

5. Birchbox=happiness

1. why is my skin breaking out

2. how much do bloggers make 2011

3. gamification fitness

4. funny hashtags

5. interrobang

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