Five for Friday

This is a bittersweet time of year for me. I love the holidays — the lights, the gifts, the general loving feeling people show each other.

But I’m far away from family, and that’s sad. I loved Christmas as a kid, from having a “sleepover” with my younger brother (who could sleep? we played games…) to the yearly oranges-and-nuts-filled stockings to the inevitable afternoon nap.

I’m not a kid anymore, and my grown-up celebrations are pretty sweet, too. I get to sleep in (!!!) and watch football. We always make a nice meal.

It’s just not the same, and Christmas morning always feels a little sad for me. For my mom, too, apparently.

1. Where I’ve Been

2. New Tool Tuesday: DailyBurn

3. My Favorite iPhone Apps

4. When to Draw the Line

5. Our Family Photo (from Growing Bolder TV’s blog)

1. The Penis Mom (via Girl on Saturday with a h/t to MomJovi)

2. My Five (Ocassionaly Crazy) Running With a Buddy Rules (via Healthy Tipping Point)

3. You Heart NPR? Check This Out! (via Current)

4. Owning It: Why I Talk About Race (via Rachel Wilkerson)

5. It’s OK to Indulge During the Holidays (via Ali on the Run)


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1. Ho ho Chobani!

E's Dance Recital 2011-056

2. Tiny toes

Aaaannnd…that’s all you get. Apparently I was sick of taking photos after so many shoots in a row!

1. 4 hour body review

2. sweet sentimental guys

3. you never know what someone is going through so be kind

4. picture of different body weights

5. “sorry I’m not sorry you make bad choices and are fat”

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  1. says

    Ah sorry to hear you can’t be with your family (hope you have plenty of friends to keep you company and give you nice gifts!) Thanks again for the help with flickr the other night, much appreicated! :) Merry Christmas, have a great one!

  2. Vernon says

    Sad to hear about your far away from your family. But I think lots of your friend to keep you in company. And You can also celebrate with the spirit of Christmas with your family through use of PC.

  3. says

    The I Heart NPR tumblr is one of my favorite recent finds over the past month. Every single one I want to retweet and share. Such an inside joke to NPR fans but absolutely hilarious.

  4. Alaina says

    I feel very sad because you so far on your family this coming Christmas..I hope you can spend a great holiday season..Thanks for sharing this to us..

  5. says

    Want to hear something totally random and ridiculous? Since I don’t work a Mon-Fri schedule, I am not always as excited as others when Fridays arrive. I sometimes don’t even realize that it’s Friday until I see your “Five for Friday” listed in my blog roll. And it always reminds me that it’s pay day and that I should pay bills. HAHA. Thanks for the weekly reminder 😉

  6. says

    Such a bummer that you don’t get to spend the holidays with your family. I live right by all of my family so I take the closeness for granted. Especially because the holidays are much less stressful if I DON’T see my family, lol.

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