Five for Friday

It’s the last Five for Friday of the year. Hard to believe! I’m cautiously optimistic about 2012, because it has the potential to be a big one for me. It marks my 10-year college graduation anniversary, I’ll be turning 32, I think it could be our biggest year yet at Growing Bolder, my brother is getting married, my college roommate is getting married…

…so a lot to look forward to!

1. My Unconventional Christmas

2. New Tool Tuesday: Backupify

3. You Oughta Know: Clearing Your Cache

4. No New Year’s Resolutions

5. Resolve to Be Bolder in 2012

1. Very Well Played (via Hi Pies)

2. unexpected events (via Meals & Moves)

3. I Capture the Castle (via The Girl Who…)

4. Our First ER Trip (via MomJovi)

5. Pop Mashup of 2012: World Go Boom (via DJ Earworm)


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Christmas '11 Junior

And again…that’s all I have. Gotta get the camera back out soon!

1. coffee detox

2. daily burn reviews

3. same weight different body composition photos

4. what does b.r.a.v.e. stand for?

5. blog commenting via google reader

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  1. Margoax says

    Black Friday is like “Amateur Night” which is also called New Year’s Eve. Traffic will be horendous, peope will revert to the law of the jungle in order to get some silly ass doll or be one of the first fifty people to get a flat screen for 50% off. Shopping on Black Fridays remind me of the movie Braveheart when two forces collide in the middle and all hell breaks loose. I’ll sit here and watch the world go by for a day or so. Besides, we’ve had our shopping done for months.

  2. says

    i always get a little butterfly flutter in my tummy when you put me on your FFF. special :) also, i have been clearing my cache diligently thanks to you. and every time you post your cat i flip out because he’s so beautiful. (doggy photos too, but that’s a given)

    xo happy new year, i love you a lot.

  3. marieljackson says

    Hi Cathy! Thanks for sharing the photos of these beautiful pets. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead… Happy New Year!

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