Five for Friday

What. a. week.

Lucas spent several days out of town for training on his new job, and I think I’d forgotten how hard it can be to run the house alone! (Seriously, parents…my hats are off to you.) Even working out was tough because I had to rush home from work to let the dogs out. And my motivation once inside my door is nill.

But, I toughed it out and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Just one more day to get through!

1. Let Go of Fear

2. The Wayback Machine

3. A Day in My Life

4. Why I Sometimes Post Sponsored Content

5. 11 Things About Me

1. 6 Tips for Taking Photos While Running a Race (via Meals and Miles)

2. busted (via meals & moves)

3. Weight Loss (via The Barefoot Foodie)

4. Trick Out Your Pinterest Boards With This Simple Hack (via Mashable)

5. Tom Brady’s Sister Engaged to Kevin Youkilis (via The Huffington Post)


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1. Moo cards -- sort of survived the laundry

2. What -- it was chilly!

3. I finally beat this girl!

Miami Marathon Weekend-6

4. In my dreams...

5. Yay, #Fitblog!

1. maple bacon cake

2. ryan hall training

3. facebook page strategy

4. full house dj gets her period

5. tattoos pinterest

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  1. Jason Gilmore says

    I loved your post and the photographs. I know how it must have been to manage the house on your own. Seriously……. hats off to parents.
    I see you had a great round 2 on your way to beating Janetha G. I hope your dream comes true soon.



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