Five for Friday

What. a. week.

Lucas spent several days out of town for training on his new job, and I think I’d forgotten how hard it can be to run the house alone! (Seriously, parents…my hats are off to you.) Even working out was tough because I had to rush home from work to let the dogs out. And my motivation once inside my door is nill.

But, I toughed it out and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Just one more day to get through!

1. Let Go of Fear

2. The Wayback Machine

3. A Day in My Life

4. Why I Sometimes Post Sponsored Content

5. 11 Things About Me

1. 6 Tips for Taking Photos While Running a Race (via Meals and Miles)

2. busted (via meals & moves)

3. Weight Loss (via The Barefoot Foodie)

4. Trick Out Your Pinterest Boards With This Simple Hack (via Mashable)

5. Tom Brady’s Sister Engaged to Kevin Youkilis (via The Huffington Post)


Had a great time tonight visiting with the ever charming @ & @!
Becka Robinson


@ @ Katy is was soon much fun to do! Let me know when it posts!


My strategy for PlugIns on my blog - if @ says I should have it, I install it. No questions asked. :)


I've read about half of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" today. Today is extremely slow and incredibly boring.


Watching over her shoulder as my coworker reads my blog and feeling both creeped out and creepy.
Theodora Blanchfield

1. Moo cards -- sort of survived the laundry

2. What -- it was chilly!

3. I finally beat this girl!

Miami Marathon Weekend-6

4. In my dreams...

5. Yay, #Fitblog!

1. maple bacon cake

2. ryan hall training

3. facebook page strategy

4. full house dj gets her period

5. tattoos pinterest


  1. 4

    Jason Gilmore says

    I loved your post and the photographs. I know how it must have been to manage the house on your own. Seriously……. hats off to parents.
    I see you had a great round 2 on your way to beating Janetha G. I hope your dream comes true soon.



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