Five for Friday

Those of you who were bummed at the lack of a FFF post last week — rejoice!

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I seem to have gotten through those seven days that challenged me, and this week has been slightly better. Slightly. My host and I are in a war over what constitutes acceptable downtime. But anyway…

1. You Oughta Know: Facebook URLs

2. Who’s Pinning You?

3. Shoulda Been My Birthday

4. Why I’m Not Running…For Now

5. “Where Have You Been All My Life?” via

1. Stuffed With Emptiness: The Finale (via Tina Reale)

2. Smush Your Photos, Speed Up Your Site (via Blog Genie)

3. 15 Awesome Things About My Kid (via MomJovi)

4. That Time When I Felt Like An Idiot (via Eat:Watch:Run)

5. A Sweet Family Memory (via The Wannabe Athlete)


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You get three for Friday.

1. Hummus salad...YUM!

2. Handsome husband!

3. Ummm...where did February go?

1. how much do bloggers make

2. coffee detox

3. tijuana tot

4. daily burn review

5. full house dj gets her period

P.S. Have you heard of The Fairy Hobmother? It’s a sort-of-secret gift giver that looks over blog posts and drops in with kind words and special treats. I got a $100 credit to Amazon to use on anything I want…cool! It’s provided by Keep writing and commenting. You never know when the Hobmother will stop by your site!

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  1. says

    Ohmygosh…I missed Lucas’ birthday, didn’t I…bad parents-in-law, bad bad bad…hope he knows how crazy we are about him…

  2. says

    I cant believe full house dj gets her period is a search term. Funny!. being a newbie blogger I have never heard of the fairy hobmother. I like your five for Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

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