Five for Friday

A few exciting things about this weekend:

  • It’s National Dance Day. Yes, it’s kind of a made-up holiday from the crew at “So You Think You Can Dance” but I barely need an excuse to get my groove on as it is.
  • It’s my first baby shower…and I can’t believe how blessed I am to be able to use the word first, implying that there are multiple events.
  • I have three Pinterest DIY pins that I am going to tackle. If even one turns out OK, I’ll consider it a success.
A few new BugChild posts for you:


1. What I’ve Learned About Photography This Past Year (via Living Like The Kings)

2. What’s in a Name? (via StarStruk by Life)

3. How to Use Semicolons (via The New Yorker and my boss who knew I’d love it)

4. We Don’t Own the Road (via Wild Things RUN Free)

5. Social Media Strategy (via The Sweet Life)

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