Five for Friday

It’s Friday, Friday…can’t believe we made it to Friday…

You’ll notice I’m posting a little less often than normal, and that’s in large part due to my celebration of The Summer of No. When I don’t have anything to say I don’t say anything. When I do, I do! Overall, this technique has been a huge help toward me enjoying blogging more and feeling burdened less.

It’s certainly freed me up and I think my writing is better. I’m spending more time with friends and family and less on my to-do list. I’m doing a better job with quickly responding to questions via email and Twitter, and that makes me feel great.

So in honor of The Summer of No, I give you five images that have inspired ME to keep living life to the fullest, created by my boss and resident Growing Bolder genius, Marc Middleton.

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    Katy…I really love the GB attitude. I feel like so many people think getting older is depressing, so many people give up on things because of age. You guys promote such a great message. I already know when I’m old, I’m going to be taking yoga, having my “girls groups” and continuing to live a full life. I think it’s awesome!

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    I miss you a lot when you don’t post, but I most enjoy your thoughtful posts…I think you should make it the celebration of the Life of No.

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    With the Olympics on and the focus on the ‘home team’ I was hearing all of those with an English accent and thinking team GB was team Great Britain. Oops.

  4. says

    Great concept! I definitely understand how it can be stressful to try and come up with something to say every day. For me, sometimes I talk all day long so blogging is my time to talk without talking if that makes sense. lol. Thanks Katy! Love the first image!!

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