Five for Friday

Dudes. My mom just booked her flights to Orlando for the birth of my baby. Ish is getting REAL. As of tomorrow, I have six weeks until my due date. And I’m already starting to wonder if she’ll come early. BabyBug, not my mom. Although she’s welcome. This is nuts.

This weekend is also one of my favorite events of the year — the Taste of the Nation Orlando! It’s gonna be an eating display like they’ve never seen before. I’m coming hungry.

Next weekend, the beach. Then (gulp) four FREAKING weeks left. #holdme

1. How to Work With Brands as a Blogger (via fANNEtastic food and not just because she links to me, hee hee)

2. Who Searches for This Stuff??? (via Crazy Running Legs)

Michelle, a bonus for you — five crazy terms from my blog over the last month:

  • what I wish I did in college
  • full house dj gets her period
  • frogs in septic system
  • high school bikini car wash
  • settler and reacher

3. Fighting Fear (via Fit and Free With Emily)

4. Lucky to Run (via Losing Weight in the City)

5. Top 10 Favorite Things About Being a Mom (via Hungry Runner Girl)

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  1. says

    Thank you for the link love, Katy! :) Wow, 6 weeks out? It seems like just yesterday we all read the announcement. It’ll be so nice to have your mom around. The extra hands to cook, clean, and – of course – snuggle with Baby Bug will be a lifesaver!

  2. says

    Full House DJ get her period cracks me up. Don’t you get that one frequently??

    Eek – week 33! Looking good! I still need to get my stuff to you – I’ll see Jackie Jovi next week — I’ll try not forget them this time.

  3. Laura says

    I wouldn’t set the timer:)
    It could be longer than your guesstimate (Jesse was 42 weeks 4 days, Erin was 39 weeks). Ihope your mom got an open ended ticket!
    In any case, enjoy every minute!,
    Much love

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