Five for Friday

This is must-see TV and I don’t just say that because it’s my company that produced it. This girl is absolutely inspirational for her courage in the face of a very difficult future. I spent an hour watching her YouTube makeup videos and they are fantastic…in some ways, she’s a typical 13-year-old. In some ways, she’s the most unique teenager in the world…

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch (embedded below or linked here):

Today you get five photos that sum up the last few days of my life.


1. Cigar City represented at Allagash!


2. I took advantage and I don’t feel bad.


3. One of my favorite books on sale!


4. We ran through a rainstorm to get to baby class.


5. Cookies from a friend!

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  1. says

    Thanks for posting the video! I especially loved that she found beauty and confidence through makeup. I have a friend who has no hair for a different reason, but she was always so pretty and glamorous, no one really noticed. She was more comfortable without the wig too. I loved this so much, and I hope that she can beat this because we need stars like her in the world.

    • says

      Yes! We actually flew into Boston and drove up to Maine for a wedding, with a stop in Portland. We love Allagash and my husband works for Cigar City, so we did a beer trade :)

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