Five for Friday

Today, you get five updates on my life. You know, since you’re on edge for every exciting move I make.

1. I upgraded to Pandora One this week because I hope to use some of the stations while in labor and the idea of hearing McDonald’s ads, Vista Print coupons and pleas to upgrade my account while struggling at 7cm just horrified me. Best $3.99 I have spent in a while.

Speaking of music, I am obsessed with Christina Aguilera’s new song:

2. Yesterday was National Taco Day and the closest I came was eating Ritz crackers with guacamole. I seriously feel like I wasted a very important holiday.

3. My due date is tomorrow and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The fiery sword in my vagina makes me hope that labor starts soon. My fear of what to do with a real live human being makes me hope that it never starts.

However, I know someone who is sad that the pregnancy pillow is about to go into storage.


4. Kitty may be making a miraculous recovery. She has been eating like a ravenous monster the last few days and while not back to her snuggly self, she does appear to be less close to death. We’ll see.

5. I ate almost every single bite of pancakes on the plate in front of me. I did not eat anything off the second plate (it belonged to my friend) but I thought about it.


Apparently this same restaurant has a salad on the menu that promises to start labor, so I may be headed there again in the next week…(!)

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  1. Xiomara @ Parkesdale says

    Those pancakes look amazing! I hope you have a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. :-) Best wishes!!

    • says

      Aren’t they AMAZING? They’re from Briarpatch on Park Avenue. These were from the specials board but I have never had anything bad from the restaurant. Try the fried green tomatoes…YUM!

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