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Because I am a FitFluential Ambassador, Reebok sent me a pair of shoes — free of charge — and asked me to take them on a test run, then share my thoughts. As I always do, I’d like to be up front about this disclosure, not only because the law requires it, but because it’s the right thing to do. You should also know that my opinion is 100% mine, and as you’ll see below, is not always positive! The views shared here are mine and mine alone. If you have questions about my disclosure or sponsorship policies, see:


I feel a little bit like the old woman who lived in a shoe’s granddaughter: the young woman who lived among shoes. Because in the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to test out and review multiple brands of casual shoes (Old Navy), running shoes (Saucony) and now, Reebok’s new line of dance shoes.


I need a bigger closet. (First world problem if I ever typed one: “oh nooooo I have too many free shoes and not enough space!”)


But back to the shoes — this is the first time I’ve ever tried a legitimate dance shoe. I’ve gone to classes in running shoes (mistake) and triathlon shoes (surprisingly great) and even barefoot.

Because (Remember when I got caught on video in a Dance Trance flash mob?)

Or the time that Meghann talked me into doing an on-camera pole dancing class.

Orrrrr the million or so times I talked about dancing on the blog?

So, how do these Reebok Dance UR Lead Mid shoes stack up? I put them to the test:

(I actually shot and edited a bunch of video of myself dancing, and then lost all of the files. While I was heartbroken at the work I lost, I think it was the universe telling me the world is not ready to see me do the grapevine or shimmy shake.)

If you’re not going to watch the video, you probably want to know what I thought.

These shoes are pretty awesome. I wondered if they would actually grip the floor (they did) but let me move around quickly (they did). They definitely have an old-school look, which I liked more in theory than I did in practice. I’m not sure I can pull off high-tops as a nearly 33-year-old, especially because I have no idea what you wear with them (pants? capris? hot pants????).

Reebok’s spokesdancer Chelsie Hightower tried dance-y capri pants — she looks great. I’d look ridiculous.


But the shoes were extremely lightweight, and for that alone, they’re a huge improvement over the other shoes I’ve worn to dance class. At $85, I’m on the fence (Capezio, for example, has shoes closer to $60 — not nearly as cute, but they’d get the job done). Yes, these Reeboks were pretty amazing for dancing, and yes, I do love to dance. But when you buy running shoes, you figure you can wear them even if you never log another mile. These are, in my opinion, a bit too unsupportive for everyday wear, and they are (in the words of Alton Brown) a uni-tasker.

I give these two thumbs up for serious dancers and one thumb up for people who take classes once in a while.

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