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I have been CLEARED to work out!!!

Iron Girl Half Marathon 2011 01

One of the benefits of being Facebook friends with my OB/GYN is that she saw a series of statuses I made in the last week or so, lamenting the fact that I was not able to enjoy the beautiful and chilly Florida weather with a run because I thought I was still waiting to get clearance for working out post-baby.

(The recovery process is like whoa, folks. I knew getting Audrey out would be a challenge. I had no idea that it would be two weeks before I could comfortably sit down, go to the bathroom or walk upstairs. Humbling.)

So when she sent me a message telling me that as long as I promised to listen to my body and take it slowwwwwwww, it was fine to start moving again, you know I jumped up and down.

It’s been about eight weeks since I could really do anything to break a sweat, and while it was very challenging to take a time out, it was the right thing to do for my baby and my body. Now, I’m revved up to ramp up my activity, and I feel like the possibilities are endless!

I’m going to be smart, and assume that I’m essentially starting over in terms of my fitness level. I am also going to set longterm goals, looking 6-12 months in the future.

So what will be my first MAJOR post-baby goal — a 5K? A triathlon? Round 3 of P90X? A yoga challenge? Something else?

I just had to share how exciting it is to be back to my old self — I’ll keep you posted on the plans!

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    YAY! I can only imagine how great this must feel. I was really sick last year and unable to workout for awhile. I remember when I was told I could ease back into, it felt like my birthday. I’m sure post-baby, that must feel even MORE incredible!

  2. says

    That’s amazing!!! I hope to get an okay sooner than later after I deliver my little one in a few weeks! Listening to your body is key! I’ve laid out a plan for my post-baby workouts, starting with baby steps including working my way up to a half marathon (10 months post baby) and p90x. Good luck!

  3. says

    Good for you!! I don’t have any kids, but am experiencing some pain while running and know the only option is going to be rest. EEK! Congratulations on your baby :)

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