Google Reader: Subscribing to and Organizing Blogs (Video!)

Hey y’all!

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how I manage my 600+ nearly 400 blog subscriptions (remember when I pulled the technology plug?). My answer is pretty simple.

Google Reader.

GReader isn’t the only news reader available, and it’s certainly not the slickest. But it’s my favorite way for subscribing to blogs and websites, as well as monitoring my company‘s brand across the Internet.

Google Reader lets you:

  • One-click subscribe to your favorite sites through RSS
  • Sort items by folder/tag
  • See trends (which blogs you read/click the most; which are least frequently updated)
  • One-click share posts with friends or on social networks
  • Save favorites
  • Rule the world

Well, maybe that last one is a stretch. Anyway, I put together a how-to video on the basics of adding new feeds to your reader, organizing into groups and the all-important “Mark All as Read” tool.

One thing I didn’t mention? Duh…the website. You log in with your Google account:

Enjoy. (There is video embedded below, so if you don’t see it, click here to open the post as a web page — you can also click the fullscreen button on the player if you want to see it expand on your screen)

Now it’s your turn — what other tips and tricks would you like me to explain and/or do videos on? Leave me a comment!

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  1. says

    Comments! I love using Google Reader to follow up on sites where I’ve commented. It’s so easy to subscribe and follow comments with a glance and then delete the subscription later. For me, I really prefer this over having my email weighed down, when I want to know what other people think.

  2. says

    Hi Katy, I live in Pinellas county and tomorrow, I’m doing my first sprint tri at Fort Desoto. I am beyond nervous. I am not worried about competing or winning anything, I just want to finish, but i’m still super nervous. feel like I might barf:( Any tips??

    • says

      Nicole —

      I am so jealous! I love Fort Desoto, but I’ve never done a tri there.

      First of all…like I say — remember that tomorrow, you will be doing more before 9am than most people will do all year. It doesn’t matter if you fall, crash, sputter or come in last. Believe me when I say that. Finishing does not a triathlete make. Entering does.

      Will you be tweeting? Let me know and we can have people send you lots of love tonight and tomorrow so you have happy thoughts in your mind.

      And, in terms of technical stuff, make sure you read my post: It’s a list of stuff I wish I’d known at my first triathlon.

      Best tip, though? Once you’re there, let it all go. Enjoy the moment. Once you cross the finish line, you’re a triathlete for life. And smile…you’ll be posting that picture for the rest of your life, too.

  3. says

    This is EXACTLY the push I needed to get going with Reader. I heard all about it in Fitblog and was going to check it out, but your blog made it easy to just make it happen. Thanks!

  4. says

    I love using google reader:) I had never even noticed the words in blue at the bottom of each expanded entry. One other thing I use a lot that might help others: you can drag your blogs around in the subscriptions listing to have them show in a different order. I like mine alphabetically, but my sister-in-law puts her favorites at the top.

    I’d love to learn more about stumble on, technorati, digg and all that kind of stuff~

  5. says

    Great overview of Google Reader. I use it, and folders, to help keep me organized. I have a love/hate relationship with “Mark All As Read.” I sometimes have to do so but it feels like giving in…I have issues! :)

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